Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Is Donald Trump the worlds biggest troll?   A troll is “ a person who sows discord … by starting arguments or upsetting people … with the deliberate intent of provoking people into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

The guy is just begging for attention.  But what is interesting is how people are reacting. I heard one guy say he WAS going to vote for Trump because he is a businessman and America needs to be run like a business.

WHAT?  America needs to be run like a business?

I have an idea. How about a government, act, LIKE A GOVERNMENT.  The two things are totally different.

I don't know where I'm going with this and I have already bored myself.  I just loath the idea that a government should be run like a business.


The Packers received $224 million in revenue sharing from the NFL last year.  I heard there are about 125,000 people on the waiting list to buy Packer shares which would net them another $24 million . . . if they needed it.


The craft beer market made $19.6 BILLION last year but there is one brewery making big waves. Small Town Brewery that makes "Not Your Fathers Root Beer".  If you have not tried it it is a 6% ABV root beer and it tastes so good you want to chug it down like a root beer . . . . . as I did.  I suggest you don't. You have 6% ABV all hitting your system in 3 gulps! It's really good!!

The funny thing is Small Town Brewery is actually owned by not so small Smirnoff.


I don't know how many people follow Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova on Instagram.  They became "famous" when they took a trip around the world photographing themselves.

Pretty amazing images.

Well they just went on their honeymoon.

Look for muradosmann if you have an instagram account.


My work with Findorff was a bust. They got cold feet at the last second with a "what if something goes wrong" mind set and decided not to have any photos.

Nothing went wrong, would have been pretty sweet.


OH - from the City Admin's office.

Many of you should have heard about the shooting incident at the Beaver Dam Fleet Farm on Wednesday afternoon. A store manager confronted a suspected shoplifter who in turn shot the manager twice and fled. The suspect was apprehended after being stopped by Columbus Police Chief Dan Meister, who heard the dispatch while driving home after work. He noticed the description of the car and license plate that matched the report and went out to try and locate the vehicle. He did spot the vehicle on 151 that had come up on the on ramp at exit 115 and then tried to use the off ramp. Two other Columbus Police Officers came to assist (at this time I do not know which officers they were), and the suspect was arrested. Great job Chief.