Monday, August 10, 2015

Cumuloform portion of the clouds! AHH HAA

So I watched the GOP debate until I cried UNCLE and could not take it anymore.  But what I didn't hear were the real questions for the candidates.  Only the foo foo questions.

Here are some questions "I" wanted answered.  

Since big game hunts control overpopulation do you support shooting zoo animals? 

If you could be any animal, who would you choose to hunt and kill you?

As President, how would you protect Texas from being invaded by the federal government?

You can get a gun easier than allergy medicines, how will you make it easier to get guns?

As President, what will you do to make sure Obama is blamed for the failures of your term?

We all know that gay marriage causes Global Warming. What will you do to protect Israel from that?
I see in the latest polls 24 hours after the debate Trump is STILL in the lead by a wide margin. But our hero Mr. Generic Never Convicted is now in 7th place.  


As you know I sent this photo to my NOAA buddies and oddly they were all befuddled!  Every forwarded email seemed to have big question mark and people thanking me for passing this on as it was a real rarity.

FINALLY I got an answer that I'm still trying to extrapolate. I added my comments in black.

"This is a classic example of clouds forming in a conditionally unstable atmosphere where the cumuloform portion of the clouds (castellatus) (the pretty white puffy parts) are generated from the latent heat released in the smooth bases that formed as a result of waves in a stable layer nearer to the ground.  That latent heat makes the cumulus towers rise. These castellatus clouds are most frequently seen in the morning hours before the sun has heated the ground sufficiently to produce the normal ground based cumulus "bubbles".  As a pilot I always paid attention to the castellatus because they were early indicators of instability in the mid layers of the atmosphere, which frequently allow thunderstorm development later in the day.

Thanks for sharing your photo as well."

Basically there is unstable air at the base of growing clouds that create a smooth bottom as opposed to an overall puffy cumulus cloud.


Took part in the ever growing Paoli Art Fair also called Art in Mill Park which for me is the nicest setting of all art fairs I do.

All day I had this 100% copper giant was staring at me.

Only a little over $190,000.  Made my work seem cheap.  I was not sure if this was going to hurt or help my sales but when it was all over it was my 5th best show ever.

Peripheral was a big hit in all sizes and iterations.

Oddly what was NOT a big hit but WAS a big hit in Spring Green didn't even get glances!

Knowing what people like at each individual fair blows my mind.

THEN - I have a couple come up to my canopy frantic. They said THANK GOD YOU ARE HERE!
One of my biggest pet peeves are websites that have zero contact information.  It seems MY website is one of those.  I THOUGHT I had contact info, I did at one time . . . I think.  They have been thinking of a piece for 51 weeks after seeing it in Fitchburg.

That problem has been corrected.  

Nearing the end of the show when crowds are dwindling I took this portrait of a family frolicking in the Sugar River. I was just hoping no alligator would get them like in Florida.

One last thing - I've expanded my products to include, framed prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greeting cards, iPhone cases, Galaxy cases, pillows, bed spreads, tote bags and shower curtains AND t-shirts!   any print you want on any one of those!  BOOM!!!

I'll be slowly populating  (one image each day)  another website   Working on my Man Cave photos at the moment.  Very good quality products!!


There are 3000 bear in Florida of which 320 may be killed each year for fun. 1,430 people signed up. Pretty big hunter to bear ratio.

LOL - The global word for laughing, at least for 51% of facebook people is "haha".  LOL is only used by 1.3%  (my brother who lives in Springfield ILL thought it mean "Land Of Lincoln").  HAHA!

A HUGE monolith was found 120 feet underwater in the Mediterranean Sea near Malta that seems to have been carved 9350 years ago (give or take 50 years).  They believe it weights 15 tons and has odd holes bored in the base.  Can you say "Atlantes"   just sayin'.


Honey bee population continues to grow.  There are 2.6 million colonies which is more then in 2006. There is still colony collapse disorder but at least we are starting to control.  Still at war with Monsanto. Good lord I talked to a friend that was one of two to almost get hired by Monsanto  for very very good money.  She turned them down because they were "just evil" and THEN when she said "no thank you" things REALLY got scary weird.  I guess they don't like being turned down.

Nuff said!



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