Tuesday, August 4, 2015

mmmmmmm American Cheese

Fist pounding, yelling and insults - and that was just deciding how best to micro manage staff on deciding what copier they should select (that first part could be slightly over the top I suppose).  Either the majority of council  1.  have nothing better to do then take 10 minutes AGAIN to decide and debate on the correct copier or 2. believe staff does not have the ability to choose a copier on their own.  I thought Council was for governing a city and not for debating the purchase office equipment.  But maybe I'm wrong.     

BUT, you should see closed session when, hate, anger, arrogance, disrespect, ludicrous acquisitions and total uncontrolled buffoonish chaos reign, AND IT'S NOT EVEN ON TOPIC (at least it should be on topic).

It would be funny if it was not so sad and embarrassing.  I kept out of the frey last night - I was in it last meeting so I'm not innocent.  When cornered I have this bad tendency to fight back (I got beat up in junior high once by a bully LOL).   

OH wait - am I being too transparent again?  I'll drop the subject.


Then there is our buffoon Governor who is so smart economically that he has a net wort of -$71,000. Which includes a $15,000, 27% credit card bill.  27%?

Wait - have you noticed that the blog after council I'm always a little irritable?  I really loath politics when politicians act like politicians and not like regular people that just have more facts at hand then most people. 

STOP STOP - get on another subject, don't let others silly anger rule me.


Kraft Foods recalled 36,000 cases of individually packaged American Cheese because of a choaking hazard because the plastic might not come off.

This means that people are eating American Cheese with so rapaciously they never notice the plastic or the plastic and cheese flavor are totally indistinguishable.    mmmmmmm American Cheese the Miller Lite of cheese product.


University of Wisconsin was ranked as the #3 party school!!!  Well done!   U of Illinois was #1 and U of Iowa was #2 - GO BIG TEN!!   


Seems 33% of the medal winners in the last three Olympics were doping.  Can't trust any sport.  At least the NFL has that problem licked - no one ever gets caught for doping so it must not be happening.  Same with professional golf. Weird how some players got REALLY big REALLY fast . . . . . Tiger?


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