Monday, August 31, 2015

The Hop Garden Farm

Interesting forecast today - the thing that is not accounted for is the forest fire smoke which will make it hazy today and maybe keep temps down a bit!

Should be getting to 89 by Wednesday. Tuesday through Saturday will all be upper 80s and then the transition starts Sunday and by NEXT Wednesday we might not hit 70.  No rain this week with chances starting again Sunday. 

Yesterday DJ and I took a trip to the Hop Garden Farm to get some hops.  On the way we stopped in Belleville and saw a buddy Otis who was serving his famous Jambalaya at The Lake Fest in that little tiny town. 

Then off to the farm for hops!  

After filling our car with hops  we had to make a delivery to the gallery in Paoli and since we were there why not go to the Hop Garden for a beer.

Got a couple wonderful beers and sat down to listen to Helen Avakian who recently won a huge International Finger Style Championship and she was awesome.

So we are sitting there with the Mayor of Fitchburg and who do we see again?  Otis, and he is talking to someone . . . . wait . . . is that Balderdash's daughter!!  YES!  
Well, we spent a few hours at the Hop Garden but we have chores to do, a car full of hops that we need to process.

It was about this time when I'm complaining that the sun never really came out and DJ says . . there are no clouds in the sky . . .wait a minute...... then she says "I bet it's smoke from the forest fires".  YUP

So we get home and well . . . . . what do you do when you are harvesting hops!!!

Sitting on the deck listening to music and harvesting a boat load of hops under the smoky sun.

Once we were all finished and our fingers were sticky with Cascade hops I got my hop scale and and we had just under 40 ounces.

But now I need to dry them to about 8% moisture.
This DIY hop dryer is available for $199.95

The garage smells wonderful!

These will go for my West Coast Blaster and for a Brown I'm going to enter in a competition with a lot left over for winter.

The Hop Garden

That's all.

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