Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Budweiser Metallica? Seriously

Looks like a major change is coming weather-wize for this weekend.   There is a cold front approaching Thursday night with a lot of moisture and instability associated with it. HOWEVER - this front should stall along the WI/IL border Friday during the day.  Meanwhile there is a surface LOW coming our way.  With so much moisture still hanging around and this rather strong LOW we're looking at another 1/2 inch of rain with maybe some embedded thunder lasting into Saturday morning.But it depends exactly where the cold front stalls.

Highs Saturday will be in the middle 60s.  After Saturday a high Pressure will move into the area for an extended stay with temps next week in the middle 70's and no rain on the horizon after the Friday Saturday excitement.

Sorry - I thought this was larger!  


I know we are all excited over the GOP debate which CNN is hopefully wanting to make into an actual debate. But if you are not "into" any of these candidates there is always a drinking game you can do to make it fun.

Scott Walker (who is now in 10th place and dropping) - take a drink every time he says the word "fighter".

Rand Paul -  take a drink every time he says "real conservative".

Ted Cruz - take a drink every time he says "defund" and "Planned Parenthood" in the same sentence.

Donald Trump - take a drink every time he says the word "huuuuugh!" or offends anyone (Please drink responsibly).

The Democrats get their chance next month with the Party of Five having their debate and you are introduced to the other three candidates.  


The National Snow and Ice Data Center says we have lost 240,000 miles of arctic sea ice! That whole El Nino thing will be interesting as the LAST Godzilla El Nino had a somewhat stable world to do it's thing. THAT is the fly in the ointment.


Speaking of Frozen stuff.  There will be a Princess from Frozen at Cardinal Comics GRAND OPENING downtown Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00.  If you have kids you know all about Frozen. Sydney sings the Frozen song all the time and now sings it in Spanish (I never sang songs in Spanish when I was a kid). 


I am all for promotion (particularly self promotion**) and while this almost literally gives me a gag reflex a brilliant promotion.

Budweiser (some people call it beer but it's made from corn and rice) is teaming up with Metallica.

They are going to park a tanker truck next to a Metallica concert to catch the vibrations - then can it and sell it with a Metallica logo. Metallica infused beer.   Well, it can't make it worse can it?

 ** - I was once told by a wise Taiwanese elder that if you don't promote yourself know one will. Perhaps I took that to far?  Naaaaa!   It goes with the other sayings like "you make your own luck" and so forth.

Speaking of beer  - Super giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, that foreign company that is the largest brewer in the world is planning on buying SABMiller, the 2nd largest brewer in the world.   TOTAL DOMINATION! 


There is a "new" artist I have fallen in audio love with, Elle King. She has sort of a 40's sound to her which I can't explain.  I created a Pandora Station and the other tracks I'm being introduced to have an updated 40's and 50s sound so it seems I was a little right but I can't really explain.

Very unique voice.

I've always had 40's music as comfort music and I wonder if my parents had anything to do with this.  Not that I was born in the 40's but they must have listened to a lot of 40s and 50s music.

OH - DJ introduced me to Elle King but I thought it was LA King.  It's more like L King I guess.


Vanessa Rousso - one of the the worlds top poker players has made it to the final three in Big Brother and has been amazing at reading people and controlling the 3 month long game!  There have been a number of poker players on Big Brother and Survivor but all of them, up until now have been arrogant bullies.  This one uses her brains.

I'm always intrigued by poker players as I pretended to be one for about 8 years but that was online poker and I did very very well.  However the NFL and a few Republicans brought that to an end (all the Republicans were voted out of office their very next election LOL).

They didn't make poker illegal, they made it so banks could not transfer money that might be gambling money because poker is a "luck" game, there is no real skill to poker they said.  Yea - OK right.

OH - horse racing is OK, Fantasy Football is OK. Draft Kings is fine.  Poker?  pure luck.  I GUESS.
When I played I loved playing on European sites because Europeans play a different style then Americans.  There are lots of "tells" with online poker if you know what to look for.  But for me brick and mortar poker (as opposed to online) is just to to slow.  25-30 hands per hour compared to 100 online (200+ if playing 4 tables at once) and I get bored and have way to many tells. I tried some of the big games in Columbus (there are so big ones) and I was worthless.  

There are a few people in Columbus that have played in the main event in the World Series of Poker. I ALMOST did one year.  One hand away.  sigh!


Nuff said!


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