Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Huge Blood Moon

The one thing you never want to hear when at your yearly physical.  "It's been 10 years since your last colonoscopy"


One thing I have learned in the last 10 years - NEVER have a virtual colonoscopy. Those are worse then normal ones.  At least that was DJ's take on them. 

Everyone was out taking poor photos of the Blood Moon last night including me.  Oh! I was out there but you need a better camera and better lens then I do to have something wonderful. 

So I tried something different and thought I would get the Super Blood Moon with other stars.  Worked out awesomely!  

But the big news today is that NASA will announce that they have found flowing water on Mars. This is a PRETTY BIG DEAL!!   Still waiting for the official announcement but finding flowing water on mars is awesome.  MATT DAMON LIVES!! 


My fantasy team is getting crushed by the other team getting HUGE games out of players.  I'm scoring above the league average and getting crushed. A.J. Green 227 yards and 2 TDs?  COME ON MAN!

The last 2 weeks my opponents have the 2 highest totals of the year!

So James Jones needs 4 TDs tonight for me to win.


WEATHER - enjoy today as a cold front with about 1/4 inch of rain moves through and a very very dry air mass moves in.  Lots of sun but I doubt we will reach 60 next weekend and should have highs near 60 most of the week.  Wind chills Saturday will be low 50s (for golfers).


This is our Autumn Blaze Maple - it's been like this for over a month now!

This is the Maple from September 1st

And this is from September 28th

It changed a month early but then did not really lose any leaves.

And BTW - my grass seems to be growing an inch a day! WTF!!!


That's all I have at the moment, just checking in.  I need more coffee 

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