Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back To The Future predicts CUBS WIN in 2015

The Chicago Cubs won their first playoff game in 12 years last night but the real news is their pitcher Jake Arrieta.  The last few days I have heard many many baseball people saying they have NEVER seen a starting pitcher do what he is doing.

Oh, when one person says it it's interesting but when I start hearing over and over from old timers saying this, it starts to sound like there is some truth in it.

WELL - last night he became the first starter to toss a 9 inning shut out in the playoffs with double digit strikeouts and zero walks.  

So I looked at his game logs so see what is up!   YIKES.  In his last 13 starts over 96.3 innings he has given up FOUR earned runs!   That is an ERA of 0.37.  WOW!    Cubs go on to play the St. Louis Cards next, the Green Bay Packers of baseball.   You can hate the Cards but when you do, understand you hate them for exactly the same reason so many people (outside of Wisconsin) hate the Packers.  Just a fantastic organization that builds from the inside.

Didn't Back To The Future predict the Cubs would WIN the World Series in 2015? 


So the scientists who predict the weather were talking about Godzilla El Nino.  They have been cautious with predictions because the earth has changed since the last couple big El Nino's, in 1997 and 1988ish with melting ice caps, the Pacific Blob, global climate change and yada yada.

Well, the weather we are having now and for the next month is pretty much in tune with what happens in Godzilla El Nino's.   The jet stream is flattening out above the US instead of rocketing down over Wisconsin like the past 2 or 3 years leaving us in warmer weather.

SO - it  is still looking like a very very mild winter.

It will cool off after today as a cold front goes through bringing us some thunderstorms this afternoon and then warming up Sunday to the mid to upper 70s (but windy).


We spent an hour talking about Police Dogs in City Council with the Chief  proposing getting a drug sniffing pooch with a wonder-nose IF, we can get him (or her) totally funded with donations.  It seems plausible but Council ask for more clarification on funding and logistics and so forth.


People Magazine published ALL the phone numbers of the members of Congress and Senate and are asking readers to call and ask -  What are you going to do about the mas shootings!  Because  members of Congress and Senate are pretending it won't happen again.

Have a super duper day!

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