Monday, November 9, 2015

The Witch of November

The BIG news this week will be the weather - the Witch of November is coming Thursday and Friday - a BIG one.  Luckily we are warm enough for no snow but rain will begin Wednesday night and once that leaves the area we will get BLASTED with heavy wind - we're talking sustained 30mph with gusts near or even above 45 mph Thursday afternoon into Friday. I'll have my weather station on the once a minute broadcast level.

The highs Friday will hit 40 but with a 30 mph wind it might feel a tad cooler.  Hang on to your hats!


Then there is the Keystone pipeline.  Well, what about that pipeline that you drive over every day going to Madison on The 151.  When you drive south look for a couple seemingly abandoned orange barrels. That is where 950,000 barrels of the nastiest heavy tar sands crude oil flow every day.  This stuff is REAL REAL bad for the environment and they are going to boost it up to 1.2 million barrels of that shit next year!  

Keystone which would have been 860,000 barrels a day would have created 45,000 TEMPORARY jobs to build it and then 50 full time jobs to run it and basically giving nothing back to America. We don't want that crap, China does. The pipeline would go through Montana and over the ONLY aquifer in Montana.  Mess that up and Montana basically has NO WATER.  What could possibly go wrong.

But Enbridge who owns the pipeline going through Wisconsin has been in Walkers ear to get laws changed so they can pull out the eminent domain card.  If they can't buy your land the government of Wisconsin will just take it.  OH WAIT - that is already in the new Wisconsin budget!  That one sentence on page 24,000 or something.

We really don't need that farmland anyway if anything happens.


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