Thursday, January 21, 2016


More and more math junkies are going out against the Packers decision to NOT go to 2 points to win the game.  The Sabermetric community are all anti McCarthy and his ultra conservative-ness.  Oddly in the same conversations is the TV shows Survivor and Big Brother, both ultra strategy games that involve math and how contestants make the wrong moves by playing conservative and not understanding middle school math.

Kansas City did the same thing against New England last week scoring a TD with a minute left and not going for two points. They did not get the onside kick so no one cared but NFL coaches really are clueless in 2 point conversions near the end of games.


Phantom Vibration Syndrome - ever feel your phone vibrate in your pocket but then see it was nothing? You are not alone.  It's actually not a syndrome but a tactile hallucination.   For more information go to your public library to find out more.


There has been ZERO dollars spent on anti-Trump ads by super PACs.  Marco Rubio has received the most anti ad money by the super Pacs.  What is that telling you.


Bernie - sigh - the guy is doing great in white States.  His HUGE problem is that Hillary is loved by non-white by a HUGE HUGE margin.


10,000+ years ago there was a huge massacre.  Archaeologists have found a site that has 27 humans with blunt force trauma and arrows and broken bones in some large fight.  Sounds like Black Friday goes back further then we thought.


Biggest snow storm of the season and probably the year is about to hit the east coast.  NY City is suppose to get at least a foot of snow with 50mph winds. Washington DC up to 18 to 24 inches.    On the 13th I said on Facebook that Wisconsin MIGHT have a HUGE storm hit us but it was still 10 days away.  WHEW - glad I was wrong on that one.  I only said it once so it was just a stay tuned thing.

This blizzard is "historic" in size.  The perfect storm.

We are in a basic boring normal winter pattern - nothing much to talk about. We should go up and down in temp between 25 and 33 with a dusting of snow ever now and again but no accumulation for at least 9 days.  zzzzzzzz


"They" found a new prime number but I won't type it as it's 22 million digits!  5 million digits longer then the last one.


Stock market keeps plunging THANK YOU CHEAP GAS!  Hope everyone's 401Ks are holding up and you are diversified. Bonds are doing awesome along with safety stocks like MG&E.

carry on.

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