Friday, January 22, 2016

Not Your Run of the Mill Blizzard

The North Atlantic Oscillation meats El Nino.

In November and December there was positive North Atlantic Oscillation  (NAO) which means a LOW was centered over Greenland/Iceland area and all the cold arctic air was way north of the U.S.  The extra warm weather which in turn failed to cool the Atlantic Coast off of the US so that water is much warmer then normal. 

Then as many noticed we got pretty cold in January as the NAO turned positive and pushed all that cold air over the arctic and down to us!  The latest pushed missed Wisconsin as it scooted north of us and now down to the East Coast.

Enter El Nino which has pushed the sub tropic jet stream lower and right now it is sucking up all the warm moist water from the Gulf of Mexico and steering it north.  The two air masses will collide over Washington DC and all of that extra warm water off the coast will conveyor belt back onto land combining with the already extremely wet air.  The Mayor of Washington DC told residents to not stock up supplies for a few days - stock up for a WEEK.   

Washington DC averages 15 inches of snow a year.  They will get almost 24 inches Saturday and Sunday.  Oh - did I mention 50 mph winds?

Some GOOD news - The NAO is expected to turn negative again in February!!  Meaning WARM!!  Looking at long range forecasts after the next 7 days we should be in the upper 30s again as we near the end of the month. 


The Stock Market - here is something interesting. If you ONLY look at companies that have things that pretty much only Americans purchase . . . their stocks are actually having a good year.  The global companies are the ones bitch slapping us. 


The GOP is not concerned with Trump.  Seems all of the establishments efforts are to make sure Cruz does not win.  Cruz is the Republican Republicans REALLY hate.  It seems they feel Trump will take care of himself.

But the good news for Cruz is the Duck Dynasty people are all for Cruz for President.  


I found this in a file while looking for some other things 

And this will be auctioned at the annual Club House thingy.


For all of you NBA fans (LOL) according to the math junkies with their magical numbers the San Antonio Spurs bench is so good they could make the playoffs if all 5 starters were injured.

Well . . . . . in the NBA, it's not how good the back-ups are when you look at an injury.  It's how good the back-ups to the backs-up are. 


Looking for a good hard science fiction space show.  The Expanse on Sci Fi is getting some pretty good buzz and I love the show.  Some are calling it Game of Thrones in Outer Space.  ummmm  just because it's good with many layers of  living in Space 300 years from now. 

And I FINALLY got Season 1 Volume 2 of Outlander from the library which is crazy good.  If you like time travel (I love it) and History (ditto) this is a MUST show.

Of and last night we watched the pilot of Angel from Hell and was actually pretty funny and quirky.


OH - My numbers about Netflix were off a few days ago. Netflix has 70 million subscribers, the numbers I mentioned were NEW members in the last few months.  My bad.


According to Football Outsiders (math junkies) The Packers had the 30th best Tight End in the League last year!  When it comes to scoring TE's are pretty important.

Have a great weekend and enjoy blah weather - it COULD be a LOT worse.


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