Monday, February 1, 2016

Gil Fulbright for President

Fascinating storm coming - 5-8 inches with a crap load of wind. Tuesday afternoon should have dubious amounts of snow, very very heavy at times until some warm air wraps around the snow causing sleet and then a dry slot develops Tuesday night which will slow down the snow.  A wrap around should give an additional few inches as the LOW moves away Wednesday.

Snow starts a little before sunrise and peaks in the afternoon.

There won't be any arctic air moving in behind this Colorado LOW.  That happens next week.


Anybody watch Downton Abby-Game of Thrones addition last night?  OMG!!  I guess that is what actually happens when you ulcer explodes.  They had so problems filming as some "blood" ruined an antique dress and ALMOST hit some historical carpeting.


NHL ALL-Star game.  LOL

John Scott, the enforcer was voted into the All-Star game and immediately dropped from his team and no other team wants him because he's an asshole.  Then he was reluctantly allowed to play in the All-Star Game and then won the All-Star Game MVP and 1 million dollars.  Now he can go home and get a job at McDonalds.


Since 2009 1/3 of Chicago police have misconduct lawsuits (124 officers) accounting for 34 million dollars.  WOW!


Bank of America Merrill Lynch says there is a major wealth transfer happening.  3 trillion dollars a year are NOT going to oil producers but into consumers hands around the world.

The Columbus Journal has stepped up their game of late -



A new study of people with migraines who tried cannabis as a medication found that the number of migraines decreased from 15 to 4.6 a month while 85% said they had less total migraines per month.


VOTE FOR Honest Gil

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