Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pitchers and Catchers - WHOO HOO!!!

I'll save the GOP bashing to the end . . . and really it's only Trump and Cruz, not REAL Republicans.


Yesterday Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring Training which means spring is not far away.  For us we have some warm weather coming.  Wisconsin and Minnesota have seen the biggest winter climate change of all 50 States in the last decade.  Wisconsin is #2 for Winter.  We are the 38th warmest in Summer for Climate Change.

Today and tomorrow should be fun.  Very windy and at WORST in the low 30s for the next 10 days (37,49,44,43 the next 4 days) That last push of arctic air sort of cleared out the north of it's super cold air.

I have put the weather machine on 1 minute uploads if you are interested in the wind. It'll come from the south so it's a clear field.  Winds from the east I get a little turbulence from our neighbors house but the wind coming over the new Hanson Hill directly south did not seem to mess things up that much.

Here is the link


The Brewers - Human forecasters have the Brewers winning in the upper 60 games but Stat people all have around 71.  PECOTA who is very good at this thing have the Brewers at 77 wins but really - the difference between 77 and 71 = who cares.

The Brewers have one of if not the best farm systems in the majors now.  One set of sabermetrics people have the Brewers as the BEST farm system with the highest potential.

As Nate Silver talked about last year, its how small market teams operate.  Get the best farm system, build for a few years, get competitive, trade young players to fill holes and make a run for the World Series, fade and start all over again.

I like what the Brewers have done.  I like Council who is a sabermetrics manager and the new GM loves sabermetrics.  I think it's going to be a fun losing year looking at the future.  The pitching staff is rebuild + and are the strength of the team.  The rest of the team was basically gutted and the lineup looks like this

C - Lucroy
1B - Chris Carter
2B - Scooter Gennett
SS - Johnathan Villner
3B - Aaron Hill
LF - Domingo Santana
CF - Kirk Nieuwenhuis
RF - Braun

Everyone is waiting for Orlando Arcia to be called up as a SS and Brett Phillips in the outfield sooner or later.


On average the residents of Flint Michigan paid $864 a year for their water/poison in 2015.  The good news is that the Republicans dropped their "lets sell all of our water utilities" bill.  WHEW!!


I can't wait any longer - Ted Cruz.  IS this guy for real?

In South Carolina yesterday he said if elected to NOT to provide gluten-free military meals to the military which he equated with a culture of political correctness or social experiments.

Really?  That is what you are pledging?

and Chuck Todd said something I have been saying but in a much better way.  Trump has a very low ceiling and a High floor.

Yea - he has all the supporters he is going to get.