Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday stuff and other things

The Oilerie Sun Prairie opens Saturday at 10:00 and is owned by Columbus residents - I'll have photos soon. Amy Jo Campbell, co-founder of The Oilerie will be on hand.  If you want to try some really good olive oil check them out in that Costco area.  In the Rocky's, Orange Leaf row across from the beef jerky place.

I have been buying Oilerie olive oil in Fish Creek for years and this will be MUCH closer. Good stuff.


I've sent my tape and application in to Survivor a few times but am glad I did not make the cut this time. Check out this 1:47 minute cut from last weeks show - pretty scary stuff going on.  The average contestant eats 1/2 cup of rice a day and anything else they can scrounge for.  Nothing you can do about heat though when competition times come around..

This scene was just after Jeff Probts yells for ALL production team drop what you are doing and help.

Many people still think a lot of this is fake but there have been 2 Navy Seals who have been on the show and both said it's a lot harder then they thought.  Surviving is one thing but then having to deal with human emotions and game play adds a layer of unknown.

The one guy you see is a little Asian dude.  He actually was a child during 'Nam and lived off the land in Cambodia for a few months hiding in the jungles.  He is totally awesome.


People have been talking about the number of primary voters and how Republicans are crushing the Democrat's.  The number of primary voters has zero correlation on who will vote in the general election.  In fact the party with the larger raw turnout in the primaries has lost the election 4 of the last 5 times.


I'm not sure how many new photos I looked at in the last few days.  I don't know how wedding photographers so it.  After a while I need to step away from one set of images.

One last photo of the Metro


I started my way back to home base hungry, tired and thirsty.  There are no places to eat drink or sleep as everything was still closed for the season and I had $1 in cash on me as I had not seen an ATM for days.

My first stop was the Korean War Memorial

And I passed the Washington Monument again from the other side.

My goal was the National Mall which was all torn up with construction.  The National Mall is Huuuge.

OK - I'm going non-linear here.  This is the Eisenhower Executive Office Building small side door.

This mammoth building was  built in 1871 and is next door to The White House. Mark Twain called it the ugliest building in America and Harry Truman called it "the greatest monstrosity in America.

It's awesome and in today's money it would cost over 300 million dollars to build.  556 rooms on 10 acres of land.

This is on the street side and my 10mm lens could only get one entrance in without going across the street.  I had my camera between some fencing to get this shot.

This is the National Building Museum (the one with the big columns).

Yea - I'm going rogue now with photos.

I stopped at Harry's for a pretty good burger.  It was a few blocks from the Hyatt and the inside was very neat.

See that dude walking towards me on the left.  I'm about to be yelled at.  I was walking by the National Portrait Gallery at 6:50 and they close at 7:00.  It was perfect lighting but without a tripod my camera was worthless  . . . . . unless I MADE a tripod out of some gates and furniture. 

WELL - it seems security did not appreciate this and I knew this guy had an angry gate to his walk.  I was clicking away like there was no tomorrow.  I made it out alive and without cuffs.

I think that is all the new shots I have so I'll rest.


If you have never watched The Grinder on Tuesday nights it's hilarious. Rob Lowe plays an over the top TV Lawyer who's show is canceled and he moves back home and joins his brothers law firm because he thinks he is a real lawyer.

Every episode there are a number of LOL moments.  Last night he had a line "I can't help it I was born a man, it's my cross to bear . . . . alone.   Woman get all the good TV roles".


Harry Sinclair Lewis (1885 – 1951) When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

According to Politifact - last week Donald Trump told one lie every 5 minutes in his speeches.

Have a great and cool weekend. We are on a yoyo for temps the next 10 days - nothing drastic either way middle 50s to middle 40s with a bunch of rain late nest week.

See ya

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