Friday, March 25, 2016


I'm foggy this morning after we had competition night in Home Brew club and my table was assigned to judge Belgian Golden Strong Ale's.  That's a lot of STRONG ales for 5 judges.  A number of people did not make it up from Stoughton and one had to work.

And just so I can brag, my beer sucked!  I had a nice tasting Black IPA but going from my kegorator to a growler sucked all the carbonation out of it.  So this morning I ordered a special growler filler to try to fix that little problem.

Actually it didn't SUCK but for judging against another 10  Black IPAs . . . .  there were issues.


Weather - the storm brought us 1 inch of slush and 1 inch of snow and almost an inch of precipitation. We should be getting some good sidewalk melt today with the sun and middle 40s  (I think it will be lower 40s actually with the snow sucking up radiation).

We should be in the low 60s Tuesday and Wednesday


No blog Monday as it's colonoscopy day. Every 10 years and I guess I'm do :-(


Peter O’Toole’s Nephew & French Producer Tell American WWII Heroes’ Story With ‘USS Indianapolis’

With the movie coming out soon there will also be a REAL good documentary coming out in conjunction about the USS Indy.  I saw the first cuts of this and was blown away.  Mel Jacob (father in law) is interviewed which was like pulling teeth as they had been working on interviewing him for 10 years.

All of these survivors get tears in their eyes when interviewed.


Tonight's NCAAB game Wisconsin vs. N.D. is a close as you can get according to Ken Pomeroy’s ratings system (he's very good) which he says has a difference of  0.015 points between the two teams. To me that says Wisconsin is a lock.  "Las Vegas" has Wisconsin as a 1.5 point underdog.

Speaking of odds - should be a good Saturday for Bernie as he should win Alaska, Washington and Hawaii.  Coming up he is favored to win Wisconsin (which could be his last victory) along with Walker backed Cruz.  To be honest I would rather have Trump as President the Cruz.

People wonder who all of these Trump people are. They are the union workers and skilled labor who are socially conservative and thought the Republicans would be good economically.  Now they find out that Republicans (at least THIS bunch) are totally inept and have screwed over the unions and they are FREAKING angry. They don't want to become Democrats and our " liberal" social views but now see the right have their head up their butts when it comes to $$.  So they are stuck in the middle. ++++++

But here is an odd thing.  The odds of the next Vice President are up and Julian Castro right now, has the best odds of being the next VP.   First we have a "Muslim" President and now the liberal tree hugging lefty socialists want a Cuban Vice President?  WHAT WILL THEY DO NEXT!!

In other Presidential odds the favorites are

Republicans no longer Senate majority  -180

If you are looking for a long shot, Joe Biden wins Presidential election +8500 (you bet $100 and win $8,500)  OR - Joe Biden does NOT win the Presidential election -37500 (you bet $37,500 and win $100) seems like a sure thing to me. If someone wants to give me $37,500 we can split the $100.


Here is something troubling. Cities around the world are replacing their street lights with LED lights (like Columbus) and while they are, in theory, saving money and, in reality, saving energy they are creating MUCH MORE light pollution.  LEDs are much brighter with much less energy but it's having an effect on nocturnal animals and trees who need darkness.  By 2020 70% of Americas street lighting will be LED.   ya just can't win can ya.


I can't wait for my weather station on top of the house to unfreeze.

Nuff said!  Cheers!

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