Monday, March 21, 2016


So many worlds colliding  . . . . . along with two comets barely missing earth Monday and Tuesday . . . I hope.

Art is in the eye of the beholder right?  This was found on eBay and is titled 

"Bear Eat's Dog, While Donkey Watches"  

Somebody did a lot of work on that image. . . . . .  . . WHY?


The big news was Friday I drove into my driveway and saw about 6 Ceder Waxwings eating the ripe berries on our Red Chokeberry. Always a favorite for Robins in the spring but I had never seen so many Ceder Waxwings all at once and was tickled.

About an hour later I looked into the backyard and were were 12 in our birch tree and 3 more on our Chokeberries in the back yard.  How amazing.

Saturday morning I woke up and with sleepy eyes looked outside - HOLY CRAP!  Our birch tree was literally covered.  We estimated there were 40 on the back yard birch tree and 30 more in the front yard.

Doing some reading about these beauties it seems that their population is on the rise but they have issues with windows and cars. 

If someone with a better understandimg of the English language can interpret this that would be great 

For several reasons, the Cedar Waxwing is a relatively poor host for the Brown-headed Cowbird, with a maximum of 16.7 % parasitism reported among studies.

ummmmm What?

I have a lot of photos of the Bombycilla cedrorum . . . along with Washington DC AND The Oilerie Sun Prairie.  I have files circling the airport.  And now I have a couple assignments for Harley photos for a bar.

ANYWAY - most Waxwings seem to be gone now. All I see are three.


NCAAB - WOW - Go Wisconsin - way to bust THAT bracket.  Actually I'm doing well.  I see Michigan State, according to the stat people had the 3rd biggest upset in NCAA Tourney history, HOWEVER - they are the best team to ever lose in the 1st round.

The biggest upset was Missouri vs. Norfolk State in 2012 and it was not that Missouri was that good, it's that Norfolk State was that bad.  Some had Michigan State as the 2nd best team in the country . . . .I guess not.


Ready for an anti Trump blitz in Wisconsin?  Seems the 100 Day Republican Dump Trump campaign will begin in Wisconsin with HUGE money flowing into the Badger State.  We will be the first State to feel this media blitz as the Republicans decided that it's not who gets the most votes that wins (as you would think a democracy would dictate), it's who they WANT to win wins.  And they want . . . . . .Cruz?  The politician they REALLY REALLY HATE?   Yea - it's all good for the Republicans. Everything is working like clockwork.  

I have been watching a CNN show called "Run for the White House" that has been looking at all the campaigns.  WOW - Kennedy/ Nixon.  I guess I was too young to understand.  Kennedy was not really that interested in truth was he.  What a dirty campaign BOTH candidates had.  The only reason Nixon lost was because Kennedy out tricked him and lied better.

Kennedy was not big fan of Civil Rights at all.  He really did not think it was anything that needed fixing. Nixon was HUGE on Civil rights.  Heck the Ku Klux Clan was campaigning for Kennedy! And that was fine by him.

It makes 2016 look tame.   If you get a chance check out "Run for the White House" on CNN.


I had my first meal at La Tolteca III(?) in Columbus.  Translated I believe it reads "The Tolteca".  It was fantastic.  A rival to Pasqual's? in Madison.  I had a Fajita and DJ had a Quesadilla and both were fantastic. Sadly we chowed down on the free chips and homemade salsa so we had to stuff the REAL food into our stomachs as it tasted so good.

Very fun atmosphere and the inside of the place looked GREAT.  Food is GREAT and inexpensive.  $8ish for the Quesadilla and I think my chicken/beef Fajita was $11ish.


In other worlds - The art fair world was all up in arms this weekend when a large number of Easy Up canopies in several large art fairs had wind issues and plowed into other more stable canopies.  Many many photos like this on the web. Easy Up owners were like Muslims in at Trump Rally.


But for ME the big thing was USA vs. Europe and the new bigger better Cray Super Duper Computer that went online last week with new the GFS software (I'm sure it was written in COBOL and SAS - inside computer programmer joke).  

It was GFS vs. Euro for the first time trying to predict the nor'easter hitting the east coast and the GFS was far better.  USA USA USA.

WITH THAT SAID - we have some nasty weather coming at us Wednesday and Thursday. It's one of those "if it moves 50 miles either direction results may vary" events.  RIGHT NOW we are looking at 1-6 inches of snow.  Nailing THAT one down!   All anybody knows is that there is an inch of quantitative water in the clouds and how it falls is the big IF.

The NAM model says more snow and the GFS is saying rain mixing into snow. Stay tuned.

The Easter egg hunt Saturday will be upper 30s and party sunny.


And finally - while in Washington DC there was talk about repealing Obamacare and I finally saw The Master Plan.

National Sculpture Gallery 

have a great day!

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