Thursday, April 28, 2016

Braves LOL The Brewers of 2016

Seems the Atlanta Braves are the Milwaukee Brewers of this year - they are floundering.  Last night they hit their first home run in 15 games!  It's still April and they have had a 8 game and a 9 game losing streak.  hey have only hit 4 HRs ( Brewers have 20) BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!  Braves are 4-17.


Donald Trump today in an interview said he does not rule out using Nuclear Weapons against ISIS.  SWEET - this will be a very exciting New World Order!    "Merica!


The forecast has really gone downhill for the weekend.   Elwood and I were going to work on the water tower wall (which is looking really good) adding more dirt but geez, 53 and rain we might call it off.


Big day for birds last night. Weather Surveillance Radar reported a massive bird migration across the US about 1AM reaching into Wisconsin but stopping before hitting Northern WI.  Radar spotted millions of birds on the move on southerly winds from the Gulf Coast into central Wisconsin. Many bird watchers in WI noticed Grosbeaks this morning showing up for the first time and Orioles.


There is a new restaurant opening in London called The Bunyadi where people have the option to eat . . . . . nude.  It opens in June and there is a waiting list of  30,000.  THIRTY THOUSAND.  There will be two areas, nude and un-nude.

I'm not sure this would fly in Columbus. I can't see The Apple Tree going this route on Sunday morning.  Columbus might be liberal but . . . . . not nudeliberal.


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