Friday, April 15, 2016

Fluoride and Omega High

To answer a question

On the city map for the upcoming street projects it shows the one block of Avalon between Hwy 73 and Parkview Dr as a project. What project is this?

This is a small portion of water main.  About 125 feet.  Contractor might start May 2.  This is to complete a water main loop that was never connected to Park Ave.


There was talk about fluoride at the Water and Light commissioner meeting and the question was asked if we should have fluoride in our water in Columbus.  Seems to be a controversial thing all of a sudden even though many many MANY studies have shown it is a really good thing.

We get fluoride in toothpaste and we get it in our drinking water. The arguments against it is that it can be poisonous. Well, anything can be poisonous if you get too much.  Europe does not add it in their water because their water systems are not as stable as ours and fluoride is already in water naturally and frankly, Europeans don't drink as much teeth rotting crap as Americans do.  They put it in milk and other things.

Mountain Dew will literally rot our teeth out.

Children NEED fluoride in their water.  The below chart shows wards in a large city (missed which one).  Far left are the poor wards and far right are affluent wards. This shows the amount of bad teeth in 5 year old's.  The RED lines show wards with fluoride in their water, the blue - no fluoride.

Fall River voted to remove fluoride and if I was a young family I would NEVER move to Fall River because of this.  I believe it's irresponsible of a government to deny the children of teeth saving fluoride.  There is anecdotal evidence already that Fall River children are having more teeth issues. Communities without fluoride in their water systems (A lot of the UP up North) have a large amount of teeth decay.  If you want to be a dentist, go to the UP, they need you.

Toothpaste fluoride strengthens the outer enamel and fluoride IN the water goes through your bloodstream and strengthen's the growing teeth of children.  Adults are fine, our teeth are in but it's the children that is the concern.

In Columbus it costs W&L about $3 a day to add it but it saves $36 a day in teeth decay.  When the following organizations all say WE NEED fluoride and with scientific peer testing (meaning that every study is sent to other testers to look for holes in the study) should we really just say "well, a scientist on You Tube says . . . .).

American Dental Association (ADA)
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
Institute of Medicine (IOM) “Community water fluoridation is credited with significantly reducing caries incidence in the United States, and it was recognized as one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Evidence continues to show that community water fluoridation is effective, safe, and inexpensive, and it is associated with significant cost savings” American Public Health Association (APHA)
World Health Organization (WHO)

BUT - if you want to believe you tube scientists go ahead.  I'm glad Columbus has fluoride.  At some point you need to trust people scientific organizations.

This whole conversation comes when "we" are looking into what to do about our elderly Well #1 in Columbus.  It's getting up there in age and while it is still pumping a good amount of water it's health is declining.  Wells are like humans (full of water?) when it comes to age. Once you hit 80 you still have a good amount of life but . . . . things need to work.

Luckily we have more wells that go down 700 feet and we continue to drink water that has taken a century to get to Columbus (yes, we drink old water).  The good thing is because it's so deep we are not real worried about contamination from a disaster such as a pipeline exploding like the worry about the Keystone Pipeline going through the west.

If Keystone had an issue it would ruin and entire States aquifer.  No water - PERIOD!  Can you imagine what would happen if all of a sudden ALL the water in Wisconsin was undrinkable?

Columbus has ample water and ample backup. We can support two major fires at once (although it would be tough) unlike many communities.

although personally I'm not a fan of the soft water coming into the house .

One thing I learned is that "we" had to lower the amount of softening in Columbus water because the softer the water the more chances of lead entering the water.  It strips away a special sealant that covers the lead in older homes water systems.

ANYWAY - on a different subject. If you are looking for air conditioners W&L has or will have a rebate for purchasing a energy efficient AC unit. Give them a call or just wait for an announcement in your bill (I would just wait so I will not get blamed for spreading the word too early).

OH OH - if you see people walking around your neighborhood with what looks like a wagon of light bulbs they are actually new meters being installed into your homes.  Pretty cool things that when everything is all finished (it will be a while) will provide customers with some great features.  For instance, you can wake up at 2:00 in the morning and look to see how much water and electricity is being used.

These were installed in one community and several water leaks were found when a customer noticed that in the middle of the night water was being used . . SOMEWHERE.  A leak was found.

But don't hold your breath, it will be a while for that stuff but it's coming.

WEATHER - the Omega High is in charge and whatever weather you are having today in the United States you will have that weather for a while.  Omega High's are tough to move ionce they get entrenched  and this is a big one.

 We will cool down to the upper 60s after the weekend for a few days but back up and MAYBE 80 by next Saturday.  No real rain for a LONG time.  This baby is going to be entrenched  and be glad we are in the GOOD part.