Monday, April 11, 2016

GREAT week coming up!

Yesterday we had a big birthday party for my father in law Mel as he turned 90.  A LOT of people were at the party and he loved it.  One thing he said we had to have were more hot dogs and more cake.  Well, when a 90 year old WWII hero (maybe played my Marine #1 in the upcoming movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage opening May 30th) wants more hot dogs and cake you get more hot dogs and cake.  We went through over 100 hot dogs and almost 4 BIG cakes from Carl's Cakes in Sun Prairie.

Jenny, Josh and the kids were there and I took this photo of Josh and the new little one Baylee who is doing great and will sleep through anything it seems.

And Caydence who is getting used to holding her new little sister.  


The Weather is looking GREAT coming up - next weekend we should be in the low to mid 70s and sunny!  Today will be the coldest for the near term future and no rain for at least the next 8 or 9 days as the weather patterns have moved in our favor.

After one week the Brewers are looking competitive.  Pitching has been good and middle relief has been great.  The rebuilding pitching staff is a year ahead of the rebuilding non-pitching staff.

One thing with the Brewers offense - a LOT of WALKS which is unheard of with Brewer teams of the past.  Keon Broxton looks a little lost in CF and that needs to be solidified but the Crew have a lot of CF's in their farm system. And then there is 1B Chris Carter who will either strikeout, walk or hit a HR 50% of the time when he comes to bat.  He is one of the top 5 in MLB history (like Russell Branyon and Rob Deer) in this category.

It was a good week for the Brewers and I think they will win today vs. St. Louis.


According to Nate Silvers team -

Bernie Sanders is even less competitive then we think but I won't go into the math (Clinton is pulling away a little in NY it seems according the the latest polls). NOT trying to tweak my Bernie friends - just trying to ease you into the reality.

And Donald Trump is the Weakest GOP Front-Runner in Modern Era and is far far behind Mitt Romney at this point in the race. NOT trying to tweak my Donald friends - just trying to ease you into the reality.


If you get to Madison and are on the square - look up and wave at my buddy Zak who has had a change in job locations.  He WAS 260 feet above Epic and now he is 260 feet above the Capitol.

How would you like this window seat every day.


Looking for some REAL good pizza in the Columbus area?  Check out Solar in Waterloo.  Only 10 minutes from Columbus and they offer REALLY good pizza (some smoked cheese on the pizza?) and very good sandwich's.  DJ had a Apple Curry Chicken sandwich and we ordered a pizza.  Good amount of cheese was perfect and the sauce was tasty and excellent crust.

It's on 89 just on the right as you enter Waterloo - used to be a day care.


The City Website - When you put your mouse over "Community" can you see ALL the words or just the headings??  Let me know. if you have any issues with the site let me know.


I won't get into Fluoride issue that has popped up recently.  The U.S. Task Force on Community Preventive Services AND The National Cancer Institute who both conducted numerous studies have found no problems with fluoride who am I to say they are wrong.

Nuff said


  1. Just the headings on the city web page (Community)
    On the city map for the upcoming street projects it shows the one block of Avalon between Hwy 73 and Parkview Dr as a project. What project is this?

  2. That website needs A LOT of work.