Monday, April 4, 2016


WOW - this week blows for weather - I give it a D+.  In fact looking farther out I see rain in 7 of the next 10 days which is NOT what the farmers want to see.  They would rather have a drought to begin the season. To get the crops IN and then to make whatever they planted send it's root down to get water as opposed to spreading OUT.

This last weekend was REALLY interesting. Saturday Elwood and I were attempting to do some landscaping (the water tower wall is doing well - we're going to put in some veins of color next).  We have a part in our patio that was out of the wind and warms up nicely IN SUN but there were nine concentric bands of heavy snow squalls with bright sun in between.   

Look at what the temps did Saturday as the day went on.  The top red line was all over the place as the bands flew by. The green dew point line kept going lower and lower. 

Then Sunday the weather was windy and kept getting warmer and warmer . . .UNTIL . . the cold front went through 

We went from 67 at 6:15 to 42 at 7:15


BTW - I'm running for alderman so if you have a chance and see my name on your ballot put a check mark next to "Melotte"  Thank you.  I'm also pro Andy Traxler. I normally do not "support" candidates because I think I actually hurt their chances . . . sorry Andy but I gotta go with my heart on this one. Good luck buddy, your a good honest person and we (I) want fresh excited people in office to help Columbus continue to move forward (which we really are).

Two years ago I said I believe Columbus was like a heavy train that was just getting moving.  Now two years later I feel that train has picked up some speed, with many housing starts, a number of businesses opening and a few on the horizon that are getting the details worked out and plenty of road construction.  In fact this summer is the opening volley for what could be a big 5 years in road construction.  We're even starting to talk about a total reconstruction of Hwy89 now in teh next 5 years.

It is so awesome how Wisconsin is the tip of the spear and politics and it's all about Wisconsin for 2 more days.

The science polls are all out and disagreeing with each other.  On one hand you have Nate Silvers Poll-Plus which rank polls and take other data into account and back testing is 7% better then just looking at raw poll numbers.

RAW poll has Sanders with a 65% chance of winning Wisconsin while Poll-Plus has Clinton with a 52% chance to win.  blah blah who cares. 

The GOP is the real fighting ground where they have said Wisconsin is the front line for stopping Trump which is weird since he is the Republican front runner.


Polls ONLY has Cruz with a 88% chance to win and Polls-Plus has Cruz with a 95% chance which personally is too bad since I am more afraid of Cruz then Trump (as if either can win the National Election). 

The NEXT Primary is New York in 2 weeks where Clinton has a 92% or 96% chance to win and Trump has a 99% or a 96% chance to win.  


It's OPENING DAY - I COULD be sitting 10 rows back behind the Brewer dugout today . . . . but then I agreed to be at the CDA meeting tonight so . . . . the city comes first.  
This year the CUBS have a legitimate chance to go all the way. They had a REAL good team last year and their off season was GREAT.  The Cubs are really good. 

Brewers?  Not so much. HOWEVER - even though they are in a complete rebuild - they are still better the Cincinnati who are straddled with long term contracts and are "rebuilding" like the Brewers used to, sort of half ass-wise wishy washy. 

The over under for the Brewers is when will they trade Lucroy.   I'm looking forward to this 162 game experiment to see what stars will come out and show themselves.  Brewers have the 9th best farm system according to Baseball America.

Major League Baseball is mirroring the PGA.  The PGA has a lot of young stars coming out and MLB has a LOT of future Hall of Famer's showing up. There are so many amazing twenty year old's in baseball all of a sudden.   Mike Trout, Bryce Harper (23 years old, hit .330 with 42 HRs and walked 124 times) to name a few. 

OH - there is a basketball game tonight.  zzzzzzzz  sorry - I just can't get into NCAAB unless the Badgers are in it.  zzzzzzzz

There were 276,000 pre-ordered Tesla's.  I am not one of them.  Why get a Tesla when I can get a Saturn Outback instead. We shall see what car will have the most lifetime miles.  My Outback is at 240,000 and getting it's ORIGINAL breaks done today.  I THINK they are original. I got the car at the 110,000 point and I don't think the previous owner had new breaks and I know I have not put any on.

Five years ago my battery went dead and I asked the AAA guy if he could tell how old the battery was.  He said " This is the original battery, how many miles do you have on this" I said 190,000.   

I'll need to get my first oil chance soon I think. Every 250,000 miles for new oil should keep it running for a while  :-)    
“Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” saw a 68% drop from week one which is the 5th biggest drop for a movie that opened above $100 mil.  Friend of mine saw it and was disappointed.  A LOT of action.

That is the problem now with movies.  The action is SO amazing that it is no longer amazing.  I was watching "Nothing but Trailers" a few weeks ago and they showing action thrillers and I saw the same "new" action sequence in two movies.  Perhaps we need more actual plot??



I watched Sicario staring Emily Blunt.  I thought the plot was totally something else and if I would have known it was NOT about a team trying to get a drug lord, I would have liked it better.

Sicario means Hit Man.  It's all I'm going to say.  I really liked the movie but I kept waiting for Blunt and team to go after the bad guy.  And really - she is not even the star. She is the famous person in the movie but it's really not about HER at all.  It's about Sicario.

Still - if you like action shoot at the bad guy movie - it's pretty good.