Wednesday, April 27, 2016


No comment on the last comment.  I need photos or it does not exist  :-)


Here is some news that the news does not deem, newsworthy. There was a strike on a house in Mosul Iraq against ISIS which destroyed $150 million dollars (does putting a "$" AND saying the word dollars make this redundant?).  Which brings to total money burned up in air strikes to about $800 million.  Brilliant idea to go after their money. 


Weather - after tomorrow we shall see a slow and steady climb in temperatures for about 7 straight days and we could be in the 70s this time next week.


In baseball the Cubs are actually better then we thought and should win over 100 games (according to Nate Silver).  The Brewers should win about 69 games but right now, the Braves are the worst team in Baseball and should win about 62 games.

This means if you take both Milwaukee teams (Brewers & Braves) and total the victories we can beat the Cubs by 29 games - TAKE THAT CUB FANS!!  IN YOUR FACE!!


Hey - here is something to worry about.  Remember that asteroid that blasted Russia a few years ago releasing 30 times the energy of the A-bomb? AND IT SURPRISED EVERYBODY.  Yea  - totally missed that one.

Problem is is that most of our telescopes are land based and can only see things at night.  This guy (the asteroid)  came out of the sun like a Japanese Zero during the daytime.  And another reason was this was a pretty small asteroid, only about 20 yards wide. Current technology has problems seeing stuff that small.  SO - keep looking up.


OH - the whole ID/voting thing.  To put this in perspective. Here is what a middle class person would have to do in order to get a voter ID.

Take non-paid leave, drive to Green Bay, wait an hour and drive back. But most people can survive on not getting paid for one day. Not a poor person.  So, take a non-paid TWO WEEK vacation, drive to Green Bay and back again.

A non-paid 2 week vacation is about what losing pay for one day is for someone in poverty and that is if they live with a roof over their head.  Losing one day of pay makes it hard to make your apartment rent so you maybe you can skip eating for a day. OH - food stamps?  My buddy makes about $10,000 a year, pays $500 a month in rent in a dive and receives $120 a month in food stamps. Do the math.  So when people complain about not having a valid photo ID and someone says "go get one" . . . . it's not that easy.

And when someone says "they should ask a friend for help".  Its embarrassing enough to be poor so let's make them feel even more embarrassed.

Everyone should at some point work at a homeless shelter - it will open your eyes.  They are people like you and me.

Being poor does not mean you can plan for tomorrow - you are more worried about surviving today.  You are ALWAYS worried about money, ALWAYS. How long can your one pair of shoe's last, how much does milk cost THIS week.

Health is EVERYTHING.  You cannot afford to miss one day of work, EVER.

You can not even consider buying anything you don't REALLY need. No magazines, or books or newspapers or a trip to a dentist because of a toothache.  Live with it.

Don't even think about getting a job you can not walk too!

Every time a poor person spends money, there is anxiety. 

Asking for help in this culture is often painful and shame inducing.

So do not tell me that the GOP and Walker are not trying to suppress the vote, either they don't care about the poor or are ignorant to the problems of the poor.

sorry - I just get ticked off.    


  1. I get ticked off too. I don't understand how people can have so little empathy.

  2. Excellent words, Rod, and they explain exactly what it is like to be truly poor. It's hard for anyone who hasn't been in those straits for at least a portion of time in their life to understand exactly how daunting it is to get through every day, wondering WHEN not IF the next shoe will drop and what necessary thing will need to be sacrificed. And the shame of all of it, including the judgement and glib "solutions" proffered by those who are not in that situation. I sympathize with Elwood very much.