Friday, April 1, 2016

Swing Away

I hope everyone saw Columbus resident Lori Hackman on Beyond The Tank Tuesday night and she was featured again on CH27.

Beyond The Tank: Oilerie's Sun Prairie store featured tonight on ABC's primetime show

Pretty nifty how many Columbus events get on National media.


Something I have heard recently in the last few years is how baseball is a dying sport.  Even National talking heads say it . . . yet attendance in baseball games has never been higher and Spring Training games are pushing records.   Last year MLB attendance was the 7th highest ever.  Per team the league average 0.4% more then 2014 and this include the Phillies who had a 24% drop last year.

Baseball is dying?  I think not.

I read the Baseball Prospectus article about the Brewers - rather disappointed overall but one thing was hammered in - Bob Melvin was a hack and the reason the Brewers have sucked for so long.

Seems he disliked Walks and did not consider them useful in the overall.  Swing away Merrill, swing away.  It might have worked in one of my all time favorite movies, Signs,  but not for The Brewers.

Now we have Robert Stearns (? is that his name?), a SABR stat geek and I am REALLY looking forward to the next decade of Brewers.


Did I mention that Saturday's weather is REALLY REALLY going to suck? And Sunday we could hit 60 and Monday is REALLY going to suck but not as bad as Saturday?  What a yo-yo we are going to be on.   45 and showers today, 39 and snow showers Saturday, 58 and party sunny Sunday and 36 Monday.  WHOO HOO!


Facebook - Seems Facebook is now only for old people.  One young person was asked if they used Facebook and she replied "I don't have a typewriter".   DJ was watching a few things online and the people said how to get in touch with them and Facebook was not one of the social media outlets used.


Glad I'm not on THIS season Survivor - yet another person had a medical emergency.  For the first time ever Jeff Probts had a house call after seeing how many infections the contestants were getting - OMG it was ugly.  One was so bad they pulled the guy from the game.  This has been a brutal season from worms getting into one woman's year to three contestants all going down within 5 minutes from heat exhaustion and now with so many having scrapes that are getting infected . . . it's been rough.


That's all I seem to have as I started multi tasking and forgot all about the blog  LOL    


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