Thursday, April 7, 2016

Voter Suppression is working perfectly and as planned

Interesting how two Republicans have actually come out and said the voter ID laws (strictest in the nation) were actually meant to suppress the vote. I'm glad these guys were not suppose to keep secrets in time of war.  Secret keeping      FAIL!

I know my best friend, Elwood (who is helping Columbus on the Water Tower wall . .which is looking good) who is 300% below poverty did not vote for the first time because of the lack of a proper ID.  He has a government issued ID but no REAL Birth Certificate so no photo ID.

People have said "why does he just go get one".  Well, being poor is not only financial but psychological.  He could take a 2 hour bus ride across town to SS, stand in line and a long ride back and then take another bus ride to DMV, stand in line and a bus back back but buses cost money and take time.  Plus when you have Social Anxiety Disorder, which is why you are poor in the first place it is a daunting task . . . . . . . the guy has a brain like Rainman but has issues with crowds.

Then they say "why didn't you help".  Because poor people are proud and they do not like asking for help, it's embarrassing and as one friend said "The right of a US citizen to vote should not depend on getting help from other people - it is a constitutional right."

If you REALLY wanted to stop voter fraud (since 2000 there have been TEN cases of in-person voter fraud in the U.S.) you would go with the purple finger scheme like third world countries but I suppose you would have problems there too.

People are clueless what it is REALLY like to be poor.  Try not driving your car EVER AGAIN and live on $10 a day all the time. You really notice how much milk costs and how much a bus ticket costs and how you don't have the luxury of buying a 6-pack of beer because your one pair of shoes which costs $50 are getting a hole.  He does get food stamps ($120 a month) so he can spend $4 a day on food.


BREWERS WIN BREWERS WIN - anybody notice that the San Diego Padres are 0-3 and have yet to score 1 run?  OUCH!  That, is a rough start.


George Mason University received a $30 million gift after they announced that the name of their school would be changed to Antonin Scalia School of Law . . . . . . .but on further review they decided to change the name again because no one wanted to say they graduated from A.S.S.O.L.


Speaking of coming into the 20th Century, Ephraim, in Door County FINALLY passed a referendum allowing the town to sell beer and wine.  Some are saying it will ruin the city. It is been dry since 1853.

BTW - today is National Beer Day marking the day in 1933, the first day in 13 years, that people could legally buy, sell, and drink beer.


My buddy and founder of The Sun Prairie Worthogs had this in the paper the other day. This will go next to Market Square Diner in Sun Prairie. I believe a 10 barrel+ brewery/brewpub.

I suppose I need to talk about the blasted weather.  By this time next week warmer weather will be on the horizon.  Read that sentence carefully.  How is that for optimism.  The good news is that we will have more sun next week.  WHOO HOO!!


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