Monday, May 2, 2016

Viceland - Omega High and Woodruff

A moment

DJ and Baylee taking a break.

Welcome back Omega High! 

Wherever you are in America today, the weather you have today is what you will have for the next week, except a little warmer if you are in nice weather or a little wetter if you are in poor weather.  

Except for Wednesday. A little cold front will zoom through and then it gets really nice for the weekend.


Elwood and I worked a little on the water tower wall Saturday filling in more dirt and planting a few more sediums.

Then we continued working on the area under my deck when it started to rain which was all weeds 5 years ago until we found the perfect ground cover that loves shade and blocks out weeds.  

That is Lamium in front.  Three years ago we planted two fist size plants and it loves the front side that gets a little sunlight.  The back is  Woodruff which loves deep dark shade

The plants on the rocks are creeping Thyme and they have these awesome purple flowers - in the early summer. 

Then Saturday we poked holes in both groups and replanted.  That is the awesome thing about this is that once established everything is free.  The Water Tower wall is all sedium taking from our rocks beside the house.

Below - Can't even see where we cut all these in half last year to put in the water tower wall - don't look at the long grass - lawn mower is STILL getting serviced (two weeks now) - DAMN YOU ROBERTS - why don't you do small engine work anymore. 

Now the big project on the horizon is fixing the butterfly garden. The Clay Garden full of coreopsis is doing fine but a few daylilies are doing poorly like last year - I think I need to find a replacement. 


OMG - we have discovered the most awesome channel on DIRECT TV - Viceland. (271ish?) Operating under the creative direction of  Spike Jonze it has some really creative and unique shows. Lifestyle-oriented documentaries and reality series aimed towards millenials.

Seriously fascinating - last night flipping around was a series called Weediquette which explored the Cannabis culture in the middle of the Congo and the Pygmy tribes where the ONLY way to survive is to grow cannabis or literally starve.

What was interesting was they had to travel into the middle of the Congo between 48 warring groups and convince this tribe they were doing a show on cannabis (a common weed) and not looking for gold.  It got REALLY REALLY tense for a bit.

Other shows that are interesting

Flophouse—a series where Lance Bangs follows the lives of up-and-coming comedians at underground stand-up events,other shows Fuck, That's Delicious, and Huang's World—featuring Eddie Huang "exploring identity using food as an equalizer"

And more shows we saw advertised States of Undress about the fashion industry.  DJ and I decided we had to make a point to make sure we looked what was on that channel.

Watch this trailer to get an idea of what Viceland is all about


OK - nuff said for this morning.