Friday, June 24, 2016

Columbus "such an awesome little town"

We had Home Brew Club last night and a few new people showed up. The thing that interested me was that one person had moved from Denver to Columbus because of a job in Sun Prairie.  I asked "why Columbus" and the answer was it was a LOT cheaper then moving to Sun Prairie and the town seemed more liberal and friendly.

That was so awesome to hear.  A common complaint is that Columbus is expensive. Yet REAL facts don't substantiate this. The Columbus tax rate is lower then many surrounding communities IF you could compare (which you can't because each town has different services) 

Our tax rate is lower then Rio, Sun Prairie, Portage, Madison, Lodi, Randolph, Beaver Dam, Poynette, Wisconsin Dells, and Cambria (to name a few).

Being an alderman for the last 3 years all I ever hear are people complaining. No matter what an alderman does all he will hear is complaints about EVERYTHING. Even when roads are being fixed, it's people complaining.  Even when our debt limits and financial standing is in the best it's been in a long long time, people complain. We make a GREAT deal to get land cheap for a new fire station in a perfect location , people complain.  So when I hear someone making an informed decision to move to Columbus because it's "such an awesome little town" . . . . it's like a breath of fresh air. 


Tried fixed this for blogger, yesterdays shot seemed weird. 

We were going up to the summit in Rocky Mountain Natl Park and I took this shot.  What struck me were all the dead trees. Literally >60% dead due to the Pine Beetle.

 And the pine beetle is due to a drought that weakens the trees.  On the bright side, all the dead trees reduce fire danger because of the lack of needles so there is no crowning of the fire.  Plus with trees laying on the ground they are farther apart so less fire spreading.

Something interesting happens with the fallen trees. Seems this wild flowers love dead trees.

But DJ loves the live ones.  This beautiful 10 story tall spruce called to her.


Oh - my buddy and fellow founder of the Sun Prairie Worthogs (wort is what beer is before it has alcohol) that is building a brewery in Sun Prairie and will have his day in front of the SP planning commission.

Here is what the brewery will look like and will be next to Market Street Diner in SP.  It's getting close!!

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