Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sort of a lack of energy last night in Council.

Something I learned last night - a culvert that carries water is a navigable waterway.  OK! well . . .  you won't catch me going through it.

It was a odd City Council last night -  a lack of energy.  I can partially blame myself as I was trying to get back into the swing of things after missing the last session and a workshop.  I found myself a little hesitant as I felt I had missed so much.  I watched the videos but it was not the same.

Add to the fact that Rick Royan had resigned which was the first official word I had heard of it and Thom was absent. Those to are the construction guru's on council and both were missed. OH - I feel we were good to go but I always appreciated Ricks questions (most of the time) and Mike always has great in sites on all things construction.

It just felt odd and a little out of sorts.  Clark was in the crowd, we should have enlisted him as an alternate.


The Cubs - STILL - after 1/3 of the season is over, are playing like one of the best teams in MLB history as they continue to totally dominate the league.  Only four teams accrued a higher run differential than this year’s Cubs in MLB history.  Yea yea - still a long season to play but even after 53ish games - it's remarkable.  Only the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1912 New York Giants, 1929 Philadelphia Athletics and the 1939 Yankees have dominated teams as much as the Cubs. 


The REAL poles were off a little as they predicted a 9 point victory for Clinton last night. Of course the poles the networks were touting had it much closer because they needed a close race to get viewers.  

Bernie will relax a bit after tomorrow's meeting with Obama. Bernie asked for an audience and I feel he wants to make a deal where he will stop going after Clinton if Obama/Clinton agree to work on increasing minimum pay (I will gladly pay more for my french fries if I know a full time worker does not need another job to pay his bills) and a few other things that both parties want anyway.

I'm still not convinced Trump will be the GOP nominee  -  remember - the GOP have a rule that they can change the rules on a whim.


Washington DC just vote to up their min wage to $15.


Got a cat?  Have problems with in the kitchen with wandering paws?  Check this out

The Quirky Mocubo Cutting Board only $17ish

And BTW - The Ove Glove is an awesome tool - seriously. We have had one for years and they are worth every penny


If you are out and about drive past the water tower.  The sedum Elwood and I planted is starting to bloom.  We took all the weeds out of the rock cracks and added about 3 cubic yards of bad soil (on a very hot day last year).  Then added some good soil and planted sedum.

If you like, feel free to take some sprigs and replant them.  Just pinch one off at the bottom, take off a few bottom leaves, lay it on the ground and cover the bottom with dirt. Don't plant upright.  All of those in the rock wall came from just a few sprigs we have been growing for 3 or 4 years.  I'll have some photos tomorrow. It was too shady this morning.

Once we have control of all the crevices we're going to put in some veins of color.  It's a 5 year project and this is year 2.

This is my patio from last week. We were going to do some more landscaping Saturday but - - - could be a tad hot.    Actually this could be from 2 weeks ago as the clematis is near the bottom of the deck and the salvia is blooming now!    Pretty neat as this was completely bare soil 6 years ago.

That is creeping thyme on the rocks which will bloom in millions of tiny purple flowers in a few days.  Sweet Woodruf with the white flowers which smell great, The taller plant is red chokeberries which Robins and Cedar Waxwings LOVe in the spring and my favorite plant with color in all seasons.  I think we have 9 now around the house. Freaking awesome in the fall.  These have been eaten back by rabbits a little but they come back stronger.   

Blogger makes this look a little too green for some reason. maybe my computer here?


Teleprompter Trump is funny 

As one journalist tweeted

Teleprompter trump is funny because he reads a couple lines then he ad libs to emphasize what he just read, but this time in his own voice.

I remember when Trump said (I will) “"outlaw teleprompters for anybody running for president."

He has a small problem with his campaign. He can't hire people because no one wants to work for him.  I guess the last 3 or 4 people he as tried to hired as a communication director have said "NO".


I'm thinking of moving my back teeth to the front so I can chew steaks faster. I think God messed up with teeth. Why have the back teeth wait for their meat when they can start chewing seconds earlier. - just thinking out loud.  


20 years ago Thursday I married the most wonderful person in the world . . . or at least the only one that would agree to marry me. 20 years ago TODAY we were flying to Las Vegas.  Las Vegas was a cool 108 degrees, a record for that date

10 years ago tomorrow we redid our vows in Sedona AZ at a vortex.  As we drove through Las Vegas they were breaking another record for that day at 110.  Tomorrow it will be 108 degrees - NOT a record.

So this year we are taking a vacation to the mountains where it will be cooler. Stay tuned.

Saturday - looking at 95 real temp with heat index 100+ (after 100 who cares).  High of 82 on Sunday.  Rain Thursday and Friday morning just to get more humidity in the air for Saturday!

see ya