Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Big Pharma is running the house.

So my brother has been diagnosed with some form of prostate cancer and I have been reading a lot about this form.  Seems in England they have found that cannabis has been found to actually "cure" many forms of cancer.  Well . . . . at least in the rest of the world, not America where pharmaceutical (Big Pharm) companies have made million dollar donations to many of the Republicans now in charge.

There was a study done recently on States that have approved Medical Cannabis.  They looked at records since 2013 and found that prescription (oops) drug use in those medical marijuana States have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY.

In medical-marijuana states, the average doctor prescribed 265 fewer doses of antidepressants each year, 486 fewer doses of seizure medication, 541 fewer anti-nausea doses and 562 fewer doses of anti-anxiety medication and they prescribed 1826 fewer pain medications.  PER YEAR!!!  

If all 50 states approved medical marijuana, Medicare would save $2 BILLION a year.  Looks like Big Pharma will need to buy more right leaning politicians.  The left leaning ones are saying WE KNOW, WE KNOW, but the GOP has been in charge for the last 8 years.

Even Illinois, who's government is way way more f*cked up then Wisconsin has Medical Cannabis dispensaries.


I got a new laptop.  The last thing I wanted to have was a touch screen - don't need it, just make things cost more.  So I got a laptop with a touch screen and I LOVE it.  I also love not having an actual  "hard" drive as they now have basically huge flash drives instead.

I have not purchased a computer for SEVEN YEARS.  My $400 desk top computer has been trouble free since 2008 but I need a new video card which would cost more then the computer itself so . . .a new desk top is in order but man - I hate switching computers with all the software and yada yada.

I'll stick with a laptop at the moment.


I will not speak about Meliana Trump totally plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech from 8 years ago . . .really?  parts were word for word? and you would not think people would notice?  sigh!!

It's like watching circus clowns trying to raise a circus tent.  I feel sorry for REAL Republicans of which I respect their thoughts.  Don't agree with them but I respect them.  But Tea Partiers and Trump?  no respect.  Of course now that Trump has been assimilated into the Tea Party with his Generic Tea Party VP choice all is well. They want 8 more years of screwing over small business.  


Got something cool for bicyclists in Columbus that I HOPE the City Council will see fit to look into. Installing public bicycle repair stations (at no real cost to the city?)  Columbus is dropping the ball with alternative transportation as we seem to me more concerned with cars and trucks and not bikes (even though we are so close to one of the largest bike makers in the world).  NOT whining about roads but we need to put money aside for alternative transportation and are missing a real opportunity for bringing families to Columbus.

Columbus is having a growth spurt (first one in 200 years?) and we need to think about families and kids.


I'm going to post 6 poems, one each day, that my mom wrote about a cat we had.  It's the most moving thing, FOR ME, that she ever put on paper - I'm not starting today though, just a word of warning.


Prepare for EXCESSIVE HEAT starting Thursday. REALLY bad stuff.    95 degrees with dew points in the mid to upper 70s.  This is the extreme danger zone as the heat index could near 110.  It IS July you know.


July - by EV Melotte from her book "Snapshots Along The Way" (which has been checked out twice from the library.  (Currently the #9502 in Books/Textbooks/Humanities/Literature/American Literature)


The summer burns hot on the fields of hay
And fragrance steams up from the clover.
I want to roll naked in the warm green grass
And welcome the sun all over.

             -EV Melotte


And then there are the Russians who are about to be kicked out of the Olympics.

Seems they had a secret door during the Russian Olympics where they switched out the tainted urine samples and replaced them with clean ones.   Basically cheating in all 30 sports.  They were caught and now will be kicked out of the upcoming Olympics completely.


Be cool!



  1. 'There was a study done recently on States that have approved Medical Cannabis. They looked at records since 2013 and found that perception drug use in those medical marijuana States have drop SIGNIFICANTLY. '

    False. Due to legalization, 'perception' drug use has RAISED SIGNIFICANTLY!!! :-)

    Rod, your malapropisms crack me up!

  2. Totally confused on this one! What