Thursday, September 1, 2016

just a quick update.

No time for an actual blog as DJ and I both have DR appointments today.  DJ with a stress fracture in her ankle which started with her broken ankle from a few years ago on the vacation from hell and I have my yearly dermatology thing from cancer 30 years ago.

BUT - I wanted to make sure that when I was talking about blight and disrepair of houses in Columbus and how to fix this and how much we wanted to spend . . . it was not on new employees but on possible lawyer charges.  I was just thinking out loud.

Then the bricks.  Lots of photos on Pinterest and we know where they are made.  I have not looked at a few emails yet - really busy of late it seems.

I won't mention Trumps doom and gloom speech last night that was meant for his base and full of lies.  It's unbelievable how anybody can take this guy seriously.  The total fabrications that came out of his moth is amazing.  I don't mind people having different views but total out and out lie's and false "facts" get to me.

And he has an audience with the President of Mexico and says they did not talk about The Wall??  Even when the Mexican President said he brought it up to Trump refused to talk about it    WHAT???

So until Friday

have a great day

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