Friday, September 9, 2016

Shoes - EV Melotte / Daily Fantasy Football /Golfing with brother

4.65 inches of rain in Columbus on that storm.


At least the media thinks Clinton's emails are more important then actual world problems such as, oh, how about China's moves in the South China Sea or maybe the chemical warfare that the Russians are helping Syria with.

WAIT - Trump is saying something outlandish, let's cover him for a few more hours a day, give him more free air time. 


Yesterday was spent in Kewaunee golfing with my brother.  We had never golf together before, EVER.   He's not really a sports guy and gets out once a year.  He's more of a worker person that is finally transitioning into a non-workaholic.   When the idea was broached about coming up to golf I was surprised he even had golf clubs.  Once I got there I saw they were like 1950's clubs my dad had.

WELL - We golfed at the Alaskan Golf course which was a wide open 9 hole course and I vowed NOT to not be a person that gives lessons over and over.  People ned to figure out things on their own so I just let them "play".  I didn't want to put pressure on anybody.  NEXT time, if they want it I will give some hints (from a 23 handicap golfer). What I DID find was newer technology DOES help.  

After 3 or 4 holes I said, why don't you try my driver.   NIGHT AND DAY!!!   Seriously. My 7 wood was bigger then his driver  LOL    There is hope.  Ralls hit the ball straight and maybe 170 yards the 2nd time he tried my PING.   

I tell ya - if you would have said a year ago that I would be playing golf with my brother in Kewaunee I would have bet a million bucks you were having a stroke.

OH - want to see what $95K will buy you in Kewaunee?  What you don't see is the HUGE workshop. A 3 car garage with an additional 3 car garage size workshop. 100% all new wiring in the house and 2 blocks from Lake Michigan.

BUT - some things the old owners sort of messed up on when they re-did the insides.  Like how about doing some planning before you decide on a height of your wainscoting.  LOL


Check out this chair we purchased.  We needed one more chair for the living room for Packer games. We were always one short.  Looks like it is a fusion of 1950s and The Jetsons.

I know what you are saying - what about that pillow. 

here is the story. 

I tossed that pillow, which was bugging me, from across the room and that is exactly where it landed.  Untouched.  And that is why DJ took the photo.  

We went to 3 stores testing chairs and measuring so we would not make the same mistake twice. 

We purchased a chair about 10 years ago that looked great . . . .until we got it home and IT'S HUGE!!!!   So we needed one that was "normal" size.  

Now we are football ready.

OH - I love my wife.  

last night we were watching the football game (GREAT game) and DJ says. "God I love football". 

and I say "God I love my wife". 


Shoes - EV Melotte

Walking wore out shoe leather and shoes were expensive, so worn out or not, they were passed down through all four children.  When they needed new soles or heels, Pa patched them at home.
You could buy soles and heels in kits then, but if Pa didn’t have any of those on hand he used whatever was available.  Pieces of old tires worked well.  We rubbed oil or grease, whatever kind was available, into the uppers to keep them flexible.  I remember wearing at least two pair of hand-me-down shows that had cracks in the sides patched with roofing tar.


Daily Fantasy Football - Fanduel

Since it's legal in Wisconsin I started looking into Daily Fantasy Sports, the new "online poker".

I have now played 100 matches in baseball and ended up losing $4.  However - I did a lot of experimenting to see how things worked and perhaps next year will take it more seriously.

For all who have no idea what Daily Fantasy Sports is. You are given a list of the players and their "salaries".  For instance Aaron Rodgers is $9000.  You have $35,000 in play money to spend on 9 players. Each player, as he plays a real game accrues points for yards and TDs and so forth and your mission is to get many points with the players you have picked.  

I experimented by playing different levels, playing the the same line-up in different "same price" tournaments to see if different tournaments had the same talent (they seem too) and so forth.  Just gaining knowledge, not really out to make a million bucks $1 at a time.  

You can play in $1 tournaments up to $5000 tournaments (first place $50,000). 

SO - this week will be my first foray into the NFL. I have no clue what to expect as far as what I need to win points-wise.  I should probably have an entire blog on my findings in Daily Fantasy Sports. 

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