Tuesday, October 25, 2016


My world came crashing down 45 minutes before our first budget meeting yesterday.  All of a sudden I did not have administrated rights to by desktop computer and could not log in.  I did have another user I could log in as so I had access to my hard drive but none of my applications.  My head was spinning. I world was crumbling.

This all came from WordPress issues a few days ago when I did not have administrated rights to some files I downloaded . . .even though I was logged in as administrator.  I was messing around and it SEEMS I entered a new password.

I don't know about you but I have 4 or 5 main passwords with different variations on the theme.  I tried every combination and none were working.  I googled the problem and as a last resort called Geek World who are REALLY good at just wiping your computer and starting over (seriously, what a useless group they are for problems, don't even bother calling them).

During a break in the budget meetings last night I did see there were a bunch of ways to get into my computer (not as hard as it seems I guess) but as I was driving home I remembered the slightly more unique password and my life got SO MUCH brighter.


And just so you know.  The Columbus voting machines are not hooked up to the internet so the Russians won't change your vote.  In fact when you vote this year we will have a new machine, The DS200 along with a new handicap accessible vote scanner/tabulator AND . . . . I VOTED stickers.

Make sure you ask for a sticker or I will catch some flak for wasting precious budget money on those stickers!   I hope they got forever stickers and not I VOTED 2016 stickers  :-) And thanks to Alderman Traxler for carrying the sticker torch after I got smacked down violently for asking for them.

OH - 300 people have voted already in Columbus.

In the race Clinton  has had her most steady lead since July with a 86.1% chance of winning after 20,000 electoral simulations and the Democrats have widened their Senate lead chances to a 73% chance of taking the Senate.

In the lawsuit race The Donald is winning 20 to 17.  He has 20 lawsuits against people and is being sued 17 times.  In his lifetime The Donald has had 4,095 lawsuits against him.


Fanduel / Poker

Elwood has finally realized that there is no RIGHT answer when playing Fanduel. He is a perfectionist which is a character flaw.  It's why he gave up golf and so many other things.  If he can not be perfect, why bother. If he does not win it must mean he is a loser.  Well, I felt if I could get him interested in fanduel his rainman style brain might have insights us mare mortals might not see.

The last three weeks have been wonderful and he even said that now he understands there is no RIGHT answer.  He is obsessing over it.  VICTORY!!!

He was a great online poker player (much better then I) because it was all math.  But he was always a bad beat away from losing his temper when he would do everything right and lose.  SO - he stopped playing the game.  Between the two of us we would play 10,000 hands of poker a week.  The two of us played 40 hours a week, 4 tables at once and 60 hands per hour per table . . . until the government put a stop to that and froze our assets overseas where we could not get to it . . .  WHICH was the exact time we were going to use those assets to build a house in Columbus**.

Little did I know we were moving into poker central in Columbus as a friend a few doors down plays in the World Series of Poker in  Las Vegas.  I would be HORRIBLE at brick and mortar poker - too many tells.  

ANYWAY - I only got on that tangent because the last vestige of poker went away as Bovada got out of the Poker business. Basically the last BIG online poker site for Americans.

** We were 2 weeks away from having to decide if we could move to Columbus or stay in Madison.  Our house on Anniversary Lane had been for sale for 8 months and the house in Columbus was almost built. We could not afford 2 houses.

Then a couple liked out Madison house but also liked another house. They could not decide so they literally had a coin flip.  We won.

Life as so many random events you can never see coming.


The Workshop now has a bunch of my postcards if you are looking and one would make a great Christmas card.  Only $1 each.

I can even put a happy Merry Christmas on them - Takes about 10 days if you want to order a bunch.  Just putting it out there.


A few nights ago I was driving to Pic-N-Save and there was heavy smoke.  But as I was investigating it was only farmers working the fields.  Would have been some GREAT photos but NOOOOOO  I did not have my camera and tripod.  It was something like this but way way cooler with still air.



As a child, no pets were allowed.  As an adult, my family has always had at least one pet on the premises, sometimes we’ve had several.  They’ve almost all been favorites while we had them.

Let me instead tell you of one that was not a favorite.

It was about 1960, and we were over populated with pets.  We had three cats, a dog, a canary, a turtle, and an aquarium of fish.  At that time a carnival came to Jones Park (Fort Atkinson), and a friend of my older son won a tiny yellow duckling in a brown paper bag.  Knowing he’d never be allowed to keep it, he handed the bag over to my younger, five-year-old son, saying “Here.  This is for you.”

Rod was enchanted.  He named it “Cracker” and brought it home with his face incandescent with joy.  Hey what would you have done?  We kept it.

Cracker rapidly outgrew his box in the kitchen, his cage on the porch, his pen in the backyard and the tolerance of his adoptive family.  He chased dogs, cats, visitors and the mailman out of the yard.  He harassed our children.  He pursued innocent and unsuspecting passers-by down the block and bit at the backs of their legs.  He was impossible, but what does one do with a full-grown Peking drake?  There were plenty of times we would have said “we could kill him” but we could never have done it.  Once he had been a cute little pet—

My husband knew a farmer named Dudzek, who said he would take him, and no, he wouldn’t serve him up for Sunday dinner.  We handed him over gladly and our only concern was that we’d probably get him back within a week.

We misjudged Cracker.  The farm was his natural element.  He took over a whole flock of sheep by pulling a few beakfulls if wool out of the ram, and when he wasn’t happily leading the flock--and keeping them properly together--he was an active and effective watch duck.  He often spent a lazy day riding around the back of a sheep, he learned to climb ladders, he helped herd the cows.

Eventually he went to the Jefferson County Fair and came home with a blue ribbon.

All of which we heard about in detail from his delighted new family, and which we found it easy to take pleasure and pride in, now that he lived several miles away.  After all, we had raised him.

--EV Melotte


One last thing about Elwood - Even I forget what it means to be REALLY poor.  A few weeks ago I gave him a cast off small skillet that was getting dinged up and losing it's Teflon.

Sunday he said - "that skillet has changed my eating it's so AWESOME". I guess all he had was a big skillet which is not good for his newest food find . . .eggs. "I can eat 3 or 4 perfect cooked eggs, they are so much better".   Eggs are so cheap, I can have 4 and it only costs me a dollar!!".

19 hours a week at $9 an hour you really have to look for ways to save.   Even I forget that being poor means it's better to walk 5 miles to work every day instead of spending money on a bus.


Good amount of cold rain coming the next few days!


Upstairs about City Hall.