Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm not dead

It's been a while.  I've been digesting the lifetime insiders, billionaires who want to loosen Wall Street and bank regulations, convicted thieves who gave classified info to their mistresses and "white nationalists (also called neo Nazis) into the White House.  So so proud of America.

All his picks have been VERY hard line establishment (sort of like Putin his hero did)

The BIG question is the 25th amendment. In a time of crisis (which always happens) who will the Cabinet want to handle it. Trump? or Pence.  They can vote to oust Trump. Who will they be loyal too.  Can you believe this is even in the conversation?  This is making America great again?

The Cabinet really reflects more of Pence's ideology then Trumps who is almost mentally ill.  I feel. Trump is an outsider among a LARGE group of insiders.  Trump's time as POTUS might be rather short.  SURPRISE!!   The betting markets have Trump finishing his 4 years at about a 60% chance.    
At least we are now on the edge of  . . .something.

Seriously though - I HOPE this new group does GREAT.  I really doubt it and if they don't is is 100% their fault. They have no one to blame now!

But I digress.


Had finger X-rays that turned out negative but it stills hurts like an SOB and is wrapped. But the big news is I'm having a tooth extraction this afternoon.  What fun!  Actually I have zero fear of dentists. Even with 5 root canals (limestone teeth and no fluoride in my drinking water as a youth) and I'm fine with a dentist - just give me the best drugs and I'm good to go!  Well, seems TWO root canals have failed so #1 tooth is getting pulled later this afternoon.


Monday I gave presentations to a group of home schooled kids and my biggest complement was not actually directed at me but I overheard a mother telling her son that they needed to get him software to do what I was doing and he BEAMED with joy.

It reminded me of when my dad purchased my first calculator. Changed my life (I still have my bamboo slide ruler).    


Every year we get HBO for a few months and we have been watching West World (awesome) and an hilarious show called Silicon Valley about some geeky programmers.  LOL funny and if you are a IT guy even funnier.


After I had my x-rays it was 10:20 and I was hungry - the only thing I can eat at McDonalds is A Big Breakfast.  I rushed to McDoanlds and was in line.  It was going to be close.  The guy ahead of me was ordering cheeseburgers and coffee and there was confusion on his order.  Just as he handed over his money the menu flipped.

I order a Big Breakfast . . . sorry . . . the menu flipped, we can't serve a Big Breakfast.  REALLY?  It JUST flipped.  That's the rules.  But we have all day breakfast the guy said.  You DON'T have all day breakfasts I said. You have an expanded menu!   OTHERWISE you would have THE BIG BREAKFAST!  I was sort of loud I guess and walked out!

OK - nuff - hard enough to type without using my index finger.  Just wanted to say I was not dead


Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving week weather

Not sure why the big bump in pages read . . . probably the Trump admin keeping tabs on me on Anger Book (Facebook to some people).  I know (or was told by my parents) that during Nam we kept all of our shades pulled after some guy visited us for a few days.  Not sure what that was all about but there were some sketchy car parked down the street.

I wish my parents were around to ask about that little incident. I was suppose to become a priest OR move to Canada or something.  ahhhh the good ol' days.

Anyway I logged on today and noticed a bump.  Weird.


The coming weather - pretty active for the next couple weeks.

Starting sunset Tuesday and lasting almost 24 hours is system #1. Pretty much just rain and drizzle.

Then a good shot at snow happens Friday midnight to Friday 9AM. Nothing major but it will be cold enough for all snow - maybe an inch?

But after that it starts to get messy

Sunday, Monday Tuesday Wednesday all look messy as a series of storms sweep across the nation. None of them huge but all full of messy water.   This map is the Sunday map.

The BIG weather news is the GOES-R satellite is getting parked in orbit and this is a HUGE HUGE deal for weather geeks.

This is part of a 4 satellite group and is the most sophisticated satellite ever put in orbit at a cost of $1 BILLION.

GOES-R can view the earth in 16 different spectral bands with 34 new instruments.  Right now we can get a complete image of the US every 10 minutes. Once GOES-R is parked (2 weeks) this will go to a complete image every 30 seconds in High def and when concentrated on a storm 500 lightning images a second.

The theory is that once everything is up and running a 7 day forecast will be as good as our current 3 day forecast (which is pretty good already).  But the big benefit will be storms with real tornado warnings 20 minutes sooner.  

On the side GOES-R is also an advanced search and rescue satellite.


Do I need a Doctor?  I think I cracked my index finger - it's getting better (after 1 week) but still is swollen and makes a weird sound and I constantly feel I need to "set" it. I go from a constant 2 in pain to a spontaneous drop everything 9 at random times.  . . . . . but . . . it's getting better??   hmmmmm

Maybe when I get my tooth pulled on the 30th I can have the Dentist take an xray - I'll put my finger in my mouth real quick.


OH - I never posted the election results for Columbus but we are STILL, one of the most liberal towns in Wisconsin.

Columbus had a 70% turnout (Portage had a 51% turnout)  Clinton won my 9% and Feingold beat Johnson (Mr. Milk Toast) by 14%.

In other news Columbus will have a new waste Management company as we go with Columbia County.

In a brief political spew - I read an article about power and a chart of what party and how much power parties have over time.  It seems  no matter what party has the President, that party loses power of those years.  It's a constant fluctuation.  The article was on the order of WHAT NOW FOR DEMOCRATS.  Basically, it's all . . .OK.   The left do have a majority in the US and really only lost by the tiniest of margins.

Polls were actually pretty darn close but the problem was the HUGE swing in the last 7 days (which polls can not see). In Wisconsin 20%  of the voters did not decide until the last week and 80% of those 20% went with Trump.  Same with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. SOmething happened that last 7 days . . hmmmmm

BUT -  as you see - power tends to fluctuate  

The party that holds the presidency almost always loses strength, but the magnitude of that loss and how quickly it occurs is effectively random. Democrats should not be too discouraged by their present state of affairs. History teaches that it can be reversed, and rather quickly.

NOTE - every time Trump goes from New York to Washing ton it will cost taxpayers $100,000.  also - that $25,000,000 lawsuit that Trump settled . . will come off his taxes. No real loss for him at all. 

And yea - Trump is taking credit for Ford NOT moving to Mexico . . . .even though that had no plans to move. President Pinocchio was just making shit up.  


Got blown away in Fanduel - 97th place out of 100!  OOPS.   


We got HBO for a few months and are catching up on missed shows - Silicon Valley is REALLY good and funny.  Westworld is awesome.  

76% of viewers are using Chrome,  15% Firfox and next ?  is  Maxthon??  What is that?   Besides the US France is 2nd for readers and Uzbekistan??? is 3rd . . . . hmmmm   now I see what trump is watching me.  He thinks I'm a Muslim.   

Nuhh said.  Have a good day and goof Thanksgiving if you are out of touch - drive safely. 

Rod and family 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Star Spangled Banner and 2 point conversions

If there is no precipitation is it a storm??  Looks like that "storm" is not going to have any real effect on us besides being pretty darn uncomfortable.

55 today
66 tomorrow
61 Friday
38 Saturday 

The Tuesday storm is now sliding more into Wednesday and more of a rain slush event. 


On Facebook I have had enough.  I'm unfollowing friends that continually post fake anti-Trump propaganda. They are turning into their enemy.  OH - I completely agree with them but there is no need to continually post garbage.   

I mean look at this image 

Lord Voldemont (also known as He Who Must Not Be Named) would never ever side himself with Trump. The leader of the Death Eaters wants to lead, not follow some guy that is way way over his head. 

Obviously false news.  
I also to not believe in boycotting a company for their political believes, UNLESS, they had "Clinton for Prison" yards" signs and so forth.   Case in point - the new Kwik Trip boycott. Many of the companies employees voted NOT Trump.  Do people really want to take their jobs away? Does that really make sense?  The purpose of a boycott is to close a business right?  For one thing Kwik Trip puts something like 95% of their profits back to their employees.  Boycotting companies have collateral damage. 

We need a new Facebook.  How about "Angry Facebook" where malcontents (including me) can rant to our hearts desire without all of these "lost dog" posts and "cute kitten" photos getting in the way.

How will people see what happens when a 4 year old gets a hold of your iPhone camera. 

And BTW - who is tired of all the BIG MOON photos.  


I've been watching Kens Burns Baseball (again).  Here is a trivia question answer.  

Why do we play the Star-Spangled Banner before baseball games?

It all started September 6th 1918 the 1st game of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs.  

WWI was coming to an end and during the 7th inning stretch a band played a raucous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.  Some people in the crowd started to sing along and as they got louder more and more started to also sing.  By the end of the song the entire stadium was singing it at the top of their lungs and a "mighty roar" of applause and cheering followed.  And that was the beginning as every game since has started with it.

It was not the first time The Banner was played at a MLB game but the patriotism of the time made it the 1st time it was ALWAYS played from then on.

We need a good war to bring the country back together.  I think we are heading in the right direction for that to happen.


2 point conversions, since 2001, have a 47.9% chance of winning.  That means 0.96 points per attempt.   A normal 15 yard extra point has a 0.95 points per try.  

OK - see ya


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1st Winter-like storm cometh - MARS

The average high on this date is 44 degrees so when we get 20 degrees above average later this week . . .don't get all soft.  There is a winter storm coming but luckily it will be too warm for snow accumulation.  The highs Saturday through Monday will be in the middle 30s but the REAL threat of snow is next Tuesday with a possibility of 1 to 3 inches of rain/snow slush but it's a long way off yet and frankly - I'm not seeing it.

OH - Saturday it will be REALLY windy! Windchills Sunday morning will be in the 13 area.

At this time last year 7.7% of the United States had snow on the ground but as we have all seen, hell froze over last Tuesday and this year 0% of the US has snow cover.


Speaking of hell freezing over.  Did Glenn Beck have a stroke?  No seriously, what happened? Am I having a stroke?

He said the President-elect's Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon: "... is a terrifying man.".

I mean it 's one thing to ME to say Trump has hired a bunch of science denying, greed worshippers who preach intolerance, violence and hate and violent attacks against minorities in our schools up  400%,  but then,  to hear I'm on the same side as Glenn Beck?

What is happening to the world.  Glenn Beck and the Pope are on the same side?  I'm thinking this is a movie in the making with Tom Hanks racing around former America looking for the secret code that will restore things to their normal state.

* since The Donald started running for office - according to the FBI hate crimes against Muslims has risen 67% 

Hear is something interesting, Trumps walk-back on immigration. His newest proposal . . .is exactly what Obama promised in his 1st term WHICH, included deporting undocumented all immigrants with crimes including traffic fines or shoplifting.  However Obama changed that recently to only serious crimes.  In 2012 Obama deported 400,000 undoc's but with the new rules of only serious crimes 250,000 were deported last year. So let's not get TOO anal about Trump and immigration. He is just proposing what Obama proposed.  

There arn't 2 to 3 million undoc's with criminal records to deport anyway.


Mortgage rates are zooming up and from reports home builders are scaling back on building plans. The number of home loans are dropping like a rock which will hurt the housing recovery which according to the Mortgage News Daily is coming to an abrupt halt.  The price of homes spiked so we have expensive houses and raising interest rates.  Not a great sign.

Where was this 10 years ago when we were trying to sell our house in Madison.  We had 2 weeks to sell our house or stay in Madison.  We sold on a coin flip. A couple could not decide on 2 houses and literally flipped a coin.  WE WON (or did Columbus lose).


Watched the new MARS series on Natl Geo channel and it's REALLY good.  A mix of documentary and adventure.

Also for Downton Abby people "The Durrells of Corfu" on PBS is wonderful.

Sci-Fi - on Netflix "Dark Matter" season 2 is better then season one and "The Crown" is fascinating.


DJ and I purchased snowshoes for this winter  and Wisconsin is right in the average zone for everything for the next 3 months. Well, maybe a LITTLE colder and a LITTLE wetter but not by a lot.

Nuff said

Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm over it.

We we work through our 5 stages of grief

Denial and Isolation 

White House Staff looking on as Obama greets Trump



You go to Baba Yaga’s chicken-legged shack on the edge of the forest. “Please,” you say. “Take anything you want. I will make any trade. My free press? My bodily autonomy? My voice? My right to a place at the table?”
Baba Yaga looks at you, confused. “You must trade something you still have.
After the Packer game I was sure I would wake up and it was STILL all a dream 

and Acceptance

Remember - even though the new Trump tax plan will make the average married couple with 2 kids pay  $2,4400 more in taxes (they lose the $4000 in exemptions for each person) to make up for businesses getting a tax breaks.  And even though we have a white supremacists now as chief policy adviser . . . . . there are a few things we can rejoice over.

1. Chris Christie was thrown under the bus . . . but that bus is stuck on a bridge somewhere and he can't get to any meetings.

2. I can't wait to see the Trump Presidential Library where every book will have a photo of himself on it.

3. I am done with intellect in all forms when it comes to politics.


With that said -  "we" are ALMOST finished with the Columbus budget meetings and on a personal lever (not speaking for ANYBODY else) this has been the best process yet.  No, seriously.

Columbus has a valuation of 3 million more (does not help as much as you would think)  then last year and ALL departments have been working together.  For those that witnessed the budget process a few years ago and commented "that was the most convoluted process EVER in Columbus".

It was not that way this year and EVERY budget line has been looked at even down to volleyball purchases.  MUCH more time consuming but for ME, it's the first time I have seen an entire picture of every department in a clear, concise way.  Bravo.

The James Street reconstruction next year, that was billed as a $12 million project,  came in a little over $9 million. The DOT pays for a lot of it but Columbus still has to pay a percentage so a drop in $3 million is GREAT.


OH - back the National election - every single state that had cannabis on their ballot . . .won

1 out of every 5 Americans now have access to legal cannabis!

Here is what I believe in this whole new (yet going backwards) world.

There is no need to get angry NOW.  There is nothing we can do that will change anything except make Trump mad.  We now NEED him to stay in office. Seriously. Trump is the level headed guy (oops, a little throw-up happened in my mouth)  compared to having a Tea Party President Pence who will force Americans to have expensive funerals for unborn fetuses (like in Indiana).  THAT is the REAL scary guy!

Trump does not want to be a President.  It was a bet and now he is stuck with it. We can either work with him and try to show him the right (left) way or let him get pissed off so he sides with the Right.

He is a child and we need to treat him as such with kindness and steerage. When he told Obama he hopes to have many meetings with him . . . he is looking for a life jacket of knowledge for this cluster fuck he got himself into.  He said it himself when he said he was surprised at how MUCH a President does!!  Do you really think he expected to spend 40% of his last good years of life worrying about the world as opposed to opening golf courses?

Save your energy. America WAS Great.  4 years is a very very short time in American history and we can get through this. We will survive.

He MUST be good.  The guy applies for his very first job, EVER, President of the United States and gets it.  

And remember

We must cooperate when cooperation is warranted, but when it is not, we must use all available lawful options – political, judicial, media, academic and economic – to serve as checks and balances on a president who tries to exceed his authority. This is not the time for liberals or Democrats to become immobilized with despair, nor is it the time for violence or unlawful actions. It is a time to become energized and proactive.


Lost in Fanduel.  Tough week and just missed it.  But that was easily offset in the NBA by going
17-6 ATS.  That system is now up a whopping 56.89 units after 16 days!!   Since it averages a little less then 100 units a year  . . . . . Grinders: Dark NBA


The Milwaukee Brewers - I finally got to see what the Brewers look like defensively last year - OMG - they were the worst team I have ever seen on defense.  Seriously.  Strat-o-matic breaks down each player and there was only one player that was UP TO BAD - Skooter Gennett.

Absolutely zero range on anybody. Braun needs to be in the AL where he can DH. The shortstop (Villar) is a NIGHTMARE.   So we have pitchers in one of the best HR parks in the majors with absolutely no defense behind them.  OH - add to that that our pitchers can not hold ANYBODY on base.  Lucroy was horrible at defense.  Pathetic. I'm thinking MY arm was better then his.

BUT - they are all young.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why are we taking this so hard? and how to make boiled water

I was driving to work yesterday feeling . . weird.  I rarely get actual anger. I can count on one had the number of times I have actually be angry in the last 5 years but I felt this . . .emptiness . . . depression?  I never get depressed. I have managed to build a wall, a dam that keeps the darkest of emotions away from me and I have been very very successful. Yet there was a leak and I didn't know why.

Sure I was pissed that Trump won but he's certainly better then Ted Cruz right? You win some and you lose some. Shit happens. Why was this different. I spent all day with this weird ass cloud over me.  Then I read something last night and it all became clear.

I know some of you voted Trump and I do not understand why but that is your choice. But what I want to share and what many Trump supporters do not understand is why the other side is taking this so hard.

 Here’s Why We Grieve Today

I don’t think you understand us right now.

I think you think this is about politics.

I think you believe this is all just sour grapes; the crocodile tears of the losing locker room with the scoreboard going against us at the buzzer.

I can only tell you that you’re wrong. This is not about losing an election. This isn’t about not winning a contest. This is about two very different ways of seeing the world.

Hillary supporters believe in a diverse America; one where religion or skin color or sexual orientation or place of birth aren’t liabilities or deficiencies or moral defects. Her campaign was one of inclusion and connection and interdependency. It was about building bridges and breaking ceilings. It was about going high.

Trump supporters believe in a very selective America; one that is largely white and straight and Christian, and the voting verified this. Donald Trump has never made any assertions otherwise. He ran a campaign of fear and exclusion and isolation—and that’s the vision of the world those who voted for him have endorsed.

They have aligned with the wall-builder and the professed pussy-grabber, and they have co-signed his body of work, regardless of the reasons they give for their vote:

Every horrible thing Donald Trump ever said about women or Muslims or people of color has now been validated.

Every profanity-laced press conference and every call to bully protestors and every ignorant diatribe has been endorsed.

Every piece of anti-LGBTQ legislation Mike Pence has championed has been signed-off on.

Half of our country has declared these things acceptable, noble, American.

This is the disconnect and the source of our grief today. It isn’t a political defeat that we’re lamenting, it’s a defeat for Humanity.

We’re not angry that our candidate lost. We’re angry because our candidate’s losing means this country will be less safe, less kind, and less available to a huge segment of its population, and that’s just the truth.

Those who have always felt vulnerable are now left more so. Those whose voices have been silenced will be further quieted. Those who always felt marginalized will be pushed further to the periphery. Those who feared they were seen as inferior now have confirmation in actual percentages.

Those things have essentially been campaign promises of Donald Trump, and so many of our fellow citizens have said this is what they want too.

This has never been about politics.
This is not about one candidate over the other.
It’s not about one’s ideas over another’s.
It is not blue vs. red.
It’s not her emails vs. his bad language.
It’s not her dishonesty vs. his indecency.

It’s about overt racism and hostility toward minorities.
It’s about religion being weaponized.
It’s about crassness and vulgarity and disregard for women.
It’s about a barricaded, militarized, bully nation.
It’s about an unapologetic, open-faced ugliness.

And it is not only that these things have been ratified by our nation that grieve us; all this hatred, fear, racism, bigotry, and intolerance—it’s knowing that these things have been amen-ed by our neighbors, our families, our friends, those we work with and worship alongside. That is the most horrific thing of all. We now know how close this is.

It feels like living in enemy territory being here now, and there’s no way around that. We wake up today in a home we no longer recognize. We are grieving the loss of a place we used to love but no longer do. This may be America today but it is not the America we believe in or recognize or want.
This is not about a difference of political opinion, as that’s far too small to mourn over. It’s about a fundamental difference in how we view the worth of all people—not just those who look or talk or think or vote the way we do.

Grief always laments what might have been, the future we were robbed of, the tomorrow that we won’t get to see, and that is what we walk through today. As a nation we had an opportunity to affirm the beauty of our diversity this day, to choose ideas over sound bytes, to let everyone know they had a place at the table, to be the beacon of goodness and decency we imagine that we are—and we said no.
The Scriptures say that weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. We can’t see that dawn coming any time soon.

And this is why we grieve.


BUT - life goes on here is a friendly tip on cooking

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shock and Awe

I really have no words so I'll let Dan Rather say something 

As Trump took the podium for his first speech, not as a party candidate but as the president-elect of the entire United States, his tone was of the utmost importance. He seemed to be reading off a prompter carefully prepared words. But he started with a statement of magnanimity for Hillary Clinton. He spoke of binding the wounds of division. He promised to be president of all Americans. He spoke of a great public works project and protecting veterans.

He was optimistic in speaking of the future. Notably missing was any talk of some of the drastically contentious hallmarks of his campaign - building a wall, a Muslim ban, the NATO allies - just to name a few.

You can be deeply skeptical of his motives and refuse to forget all that he has said and that has transpired. There is a looming verdict for history to level and it is a story still to be written. There is also a real question with Trump’s ascension whether the ends justify the means - whether the truth matters. Be all that as it may, we need to have a peaceful transition of power. That is an unmoveable hallmark of the stability of our democracy.

Trump said that campaigning was difficult. Well, governing is much more so and that is now in his hands. He has made a lot of promises. We will see what he keeps. He said their work is just beginning. That is an understatement.

The world is on edge. The country is deeply divided. The markets have gone off a cliff. World capitals are erupting in anxiety. Huge segments of the American public are in panic - going through the shock of grief. This is the world that is now Trump’s to contend with. Do we really know what we have wrought?

This is a conversation that I need you to be a part of. Do not opt out. Your voice matters now more than ever. I will continue to be here in the days and weeks ahead. And we shall endeavor, together, to find a path forward in the best of America’s ideals.


At the end of the day I won't be like the GOP hoping America fails. I want America to do well so while I disagree with a LOT of what he stands for (hate) I hope a miracle happens and he pulls this off. He has 2 years.
25 years ago I had cancer and was ordered to see a psych to deal with my emotions. I refused then to be downbeat, refused to wring my hands and see nothing but doom and gloom, it does no good. They fired me for not being depressed enough.
Same here. It does no good the be depressed and angry. Wasted effort. Wait until there is something to be down about and then make your voices heard . . again. The sun rises, (although Winter Is Coming) the economy is doing well although many people have put large projects on hold so the economy will probably come to a screeching halt. Not MY problem, HIS problem.
Don't let HIS hate infect you. Be above him. Be a better person than our President.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The last semi political blog?

JUST FIX IT!!  Get our highways fixed!!   Sign the petition !   The League has set up an online petition to where individuals can sign on to show their support for this effort.  The transportation campaign is still gathering municipal resolutions and is also now asking people to sign the online petition.

I'll just come right out and say it - Elwood and I have broken the Fanduel code and we will soon move to Las Vegas and become sharks.  Or not when the Fanduel Gods strike us down with their hideous juice.  We won two more times this weekend for 8 in a row now.

Speaking of gambling DJ and I went to Ho-Chunk for the first time in a long LONG time. At least since the new highway to get their opened.  When did THAT happen!!  We used to go there a LOT when I was counting cards with a team of 3 others (including Elwood, our rainman). Then they changed from 6 deck to 8 decks with a 50% cut off which made it impossible to count.  Side note - Elwood and Larson were kicked out of Miss Marquette LOL

Back in da day I had the Golden Shoe up dare at Hole In the Wall up north.  DJ and I were on a casino vacation going through Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We tried to play blackjack at every casino ("Grinder" comes from my blackjack days where you grind out the hours).

One of our last stops was at Hole In the Wall.  DJ had a headache and enough casinos and stayed in the car.  I just wanted to go in and play ONE shoe of blackjack to say I was there.

I sat down at a $5 table and a loud dude sat next to me.  I started placing $5 bets and the loud whale was betting $50.  As I was counting the cards (+3+2-1+1+1-1 and so forth) about 6 hands into the deck it started to turn positive and I upped my bet a little and won.  The deck kept getting better and better for me as I kept raising my bets cautiously trying to be inconspicuous but the guy beside me was yelling and pounding the table making $200 bets and also winning.  I've always wondered if he knew I was counting. He makes the loud racket and follows my lead.  Makes for a good play actually.  
At one point I was wagering green chips at $25 a pop and win win win and the whale was making mammoth bets and winning and the whole casino was watching our table (because of HIM).  We had a few floor people watching us and I knew many cameras were on us.

The shoe comes to an end. They switch dealers, shuffle and we start again.  I put out one tiny red chip for $5 and the whale starts with $200. I think he lost most of his money (maybe he didn't know) that 2nd shoe and I lost almost every hand but it was only $5 a pop for me.

Shoe over  - I thanked everyone, gave a $25 tip to the dealer and went to cash out.  I had a bucket of chips and it took a long long time as I felt every camera in the place on me.  Seriously - I stood there for 10 minutes at the cashier for no reason. Just stood there waiting.  Walked out with $600+ for 15 minutes of $5 blackjack.  The golden shoe.  DJ was delighted when I got back to the car.

I took this image Friday on Dix Street.  Frank Porth is behind me to the right if you are getting your bearings.

Dix Street Columbus Wi
And another one


Today should be a great day for the stock market as the world literally gets a glimpse that maybe Clinton can win.

Now that the FBI was caught with it's fingers in the cookie jar by trying to rig the election, markets around the world are rejoicing.

The Clinton firewall is holding and it looks like Nevada will turn blue with the huge huge amounts of Hispanic voters showing up and voting already.  The one thing Trump has done is get the Hispanic vote out.  Pretty soon the only people in the GOP will be old white people.

I don't hate Republicans, I hate their actions.

Here is the difference between Republicans and Democrats and each side is right AND wrong. Republicans are all about themselves.  "I need to protect myself" "I want lower taxes" "I want less regulations so I can do business" "Obamacare sucks because I pay more in insurance"  lower taxes so I can have more stuff,  it's all about making THEIR lives better.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

Democrat's are all about the greater good. Democrat's will suffer a little so others can get healthcare, regulations are needed for the environment. Raise taxes so more people with have access to more stuff.  Nothing wrong with that either.

What we need is a combination. Like have both sides work together for a common good.  Seems far fetched.   MAYBE both sides have had a kick in the teeth this election and they can work together. Probably not because the Tea Party faction still controls the gutless REAL GOPers.

OH - in news you might have missed. Chris Christie's political career is probably over. His two top aids were convicted of felonies a few days ago and  EVERYONE,  threw Christie under the Bridge-gate bus with ALL pointing their little felony fingers at HIM.

BUT - he was not charged as he is REALLY good (like Walker) at covering his tracks. NEVER CONVICTED!  When everyone in your administration is now in jail  . . .ya THINK the boss was clean?        

Get out and vote and make sure you asked for a I VOTED sticker.



Thursday, November 3, 2016

Garage Doors, Cubs and a SMALL amount of Politics

Not much I can say about one of the greatest baseball games ever played.   I'm not a Cub fan or an Indian fan but I was hoping for a 7th game and WOW - I got it.  Even got a rain delay in there!!

Highest rated baseball game since 2001.

I've been to the 7th game of a World Series. In 1987 a Strat-o-matic friend of mine entered a lottery to get tickets in Minnesota and we went to the Metrodome for $25 and the 7th game.  They were actually having problems getting rid of tickets.

The Twins won 4-2 and I tell ya - I have never been kissed by so many strangers (mostly woman) in my life when we were out on the streets after the game.  It was crazy.

At least we can all go back to hating the Cubs and now that they are just another team it's better.  The person I am REALLY happy for is Bartman who had his life literally ruined October 13th 2003. HIS nightmare is finally over.

David Ross was the oldest player to ever hit a home run in the 7th game to the World Series. For anybody that likes trivia


Of course OUR nightmare could be just beginning if Trump wins.  I see a swift and violent recession.  Did you see that a few months ago Russia said every major city has enough food in storage for 20 days?  And then last month every city in Russia had Nuclear attack practice? Think Trump has anything to do with the world becoming unstabilized?

I was listening to a focus group of Millennials last night about who and why they were voting (if they could because of anal laws that block the poor, the students from voting) and what amazed me were the ones that said they are voting for Trump because Obama has made America racist "Never has America been more racist".  WHAT?  seriously?  And "I really do not believe in many things Trump says but I can't vote for Clinton because she lies so much"  WHAT?  REALLY? SHE LIES SO MUCH?   I just want to slap people who believe Trump is such a saint.  OR - sell them a bridge because they are so freaking gullible.

OH - I like how Trump supporters put their Trump sings on the edge of their property.

Clinton has spent the last year between a 60% chance to win and an 80% chance to win.  Right now it's a 65.7% chance and a 63.5% chance for the Senate becoming blue.

If you want to have fun - get two dice and roll them  2,3,4,5,6,and 8 Clinton wins 7,9,10,11,12 Trump wins.   WHAT FUN!


I heard rumors from Elba residents are switching to Columbia County for their waste and recycling removal.  They currently pay $25 a month for Advance Disposal which seems to be twice as much as Columbus pays.


We (DJ and I) have been fighting our garage door all summer.  The small door broke because typical builder doors totally suck - ESPECIALLY the small ones.  After I called Caldwell Lumber and had them replace our little door and we had them come out to look at the BIG door.

Not ACTUALLY Caldwell but an employee who seems to be the Garage Door Whisperer.

Seems our big one was not installed straight. COME ON!!  Anyway - when you have issues call Caldwell - they do a great job and reinforced the weak parts that all builder doors have.

Caldwell Lumber: Unsurpassed Quality, Award-Winning Service, Affordable Prices, For over 90 years, this has been our pledge to you.    


Another baseball book I was reminded about - If I Ever Get Back.  Sort of a time traveling baseball book about a guy that goes back to 1869.  I read this many years ago and loved it.

Have a day!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trick or Treat

WELL - Trick or Treat has come and gone.  Columbus had theirs on Saturday night and from reports there was a record turnout (weather helped).

DJ and I started keeping track (my mom always kept track) and I believe this year was a personal record.  I had to run out after the first hour number to get more candy when we hit the 125 mark.  If you want to know something scary.  Try driving down Avalon, the part with no sidewalks when there are cars parked on both sides of the street and hundreds of kids running around.

We estimated about 280ish but up the hill someone counted 339.  They came in packs so it was tough to count at times.  Reports of people on Charles Street ran out and turned off the lights early.


I won't talk about the Packers but my experiment of getting Elwood addicted to Fandule is working. We have been in the money 6 straight tournaments.  I lay the ground work and give him my lineup and then he adds commentary from what he has obsessed over and makes 3 or 4 tweaks.

I received an email Saturday night and from his massive research . . . .

QB - Rodgers - 8800    
RB - Ware - 7400
RB - Booker - 5600
WR - Julio Jones - 9200
WR - Evans - 7900
WR - Adams - 6600
TE - Doyle - 4900
K - Novak - 4500
D - Denver - 5000

QB - Not the consensus pick. Not sure why - Brady fever?

RB - Both RB's will have high ownership - Booker in particular. 

WR - Everyone will own Evans. Julio Jones is a pricey stud, but with a favorable match up may be worth it. I "upgraded" from Thomas (5700) to Adams (6600) with the money saved elsewhere. Thomas has a lot of upside, but with Breese's penchant for spreading the ball around, it's hard to say how many looks he'll get. I'm a little concerned about stacking Rodgers with Adams in a cash game.

TE - TE is the wasteland of wk. 8. There's no consensus pick. Dolye is as good as any. 

K - Novak saves us 600 over Vinateri. Leads league IN FG attempts. With a projected score of 24 I'm hoping he'll grind this one out.

D -   Paying top dollar for defense - seems wrong.    


Worked out perfectly. Denver and QB-Rodgers were studs.


There have been questions on what is going on on Farnham Street (HWY89).  The DOT is planning on a reconstruction project slated for 2021 and "we" are in the beginning stages of helping the DOT.  2021 is not a firm date, could be 2022 or 2019 or any date really.  All depends on $$$$$.

This would be from Avalon to The Kurth.

The one thing I want to stress is that with the road construction this year and James Street next year the City has learned what works and what does not work in getting news out.  There has certainly been a learning process and I'm sure that there will be hiccups along the way but at least "we" have some experience now.


I have all the ingredients for a new beer, an Arrogant Bastard clone.  My East Indian Porter is on tap but still young and green so it' needs another month.


I asked the Strat-o-matic community about books.  I figure these are probably the brightest people when it comes to baseball and I was between books . . .well, I normally have 3 going at once so I have a slot open  LOL  

Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General is really an interesting book about the life of General Patton. I've never really read a military book like this before. Seems angry at times pointing out that Stalin was much MUCH worse the Hitler.  Stalin makes Hitler looked like an angel, just over a longer period.  I'm not a fan of Bill O'Reilly at all but he writes pretty darn good books.

So I asked about baseball books and if you are looking for something to read about a sport that is gaining popularity on TV (up 5%, unlike the NFL who's ratings are down 19% this year)  here are their recommendations.   OH - sorry about the weird font for the rest of the blog.  I cut and pasted from Facebook and how it's all mucked up.

The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop.  (I loved this book 30 years ago)

Jeff Polman's Mystery Ball '58, a fun murder mystery wrapped around Jeff's Strat replay of the '58 season!

Bang the Drum Slowly

It's not fiction (which kind of makes it even better) but The Catcher Was A Spy about Moe Berg was a good read.
NOTE - Moe Berg is REALLY interesting person 

Try anything by Ring Lardner. " You know me Al" and Alibi Ike are both great.

"Last At Bat" Author Mark Donahue - this is one that I'm reading now

The Art of Fielding for something newer. Shoeless Joe, The Natural, The Great American Novel for classics.

Hoopla by Harry Stein. It's about the 1919 CWS. I think it's even better than Eight Men Out.

 Blockade Billy by Stephen King

 I took a week long seminar on baseball writing led by Charles Fountain, journalist and author of 3 books about baseball, most recently The Betrayal, which requires examines the 1919 White Sox it's good, but non-fiction. As part of our readings, we had excerpts from Lardner's You Know Me Al serials, which are available on Amazon cheap or for free. They are funny, and the fictional narrator is a prospect pitcher called up by the White Sox around 1918. Lardner covered the pre-scandal White Sox as a sports writer and was friends with Eddie Cicotte.

 Iowa Baseball Confederacy for fiction; Stars and Strikes, and Big Hair and Plastic Grass for non-fiction

The Greatest Slump Of All Time

"I Did It the Natural Way: The Barry Bonds Biography"

I got a few of these hard cover books on Amazon for one penny and $3.99 shipping

A side note - I'm putting together a piece on Bob Poser, maybe for the newspaper, a Columbus resident who made it to the big leageues.  I have a lot of information, photos of him playing ??  adn so forth - always looking for more.


Here is a trailer of the newest documentary on the USS Indianapolis - it's up for an Oscar this year.  My father in law is in this but not the trailer.  I have seen this a few tiems now and it just floors me - VERY very good movie

But in other USS Indy news - people that have seen the big budget flick  Men of Courage saj it totally blows.  Horrific visuals the sharks are more from Sharknado, the ship is wrong and so forth. 

How to make all movies better

Nuff said