Thursday, November 3, 2016

Garage Doors, Cubs and a SMALL amount of Politics

Not much I can say about one of the greatest baseball games ever played.   I'm not a Cub fan or an Indian fan but I was hoping for a 7th game and WOW - I got it.  Even got a rain delay in there!!

Highest rated baseball game since 2001.

I've been to the 7th game of a World Series. In 1987 a Strat-o-matic friend of mine entered a lottery to get tickets in Minnesota and we went to the Metrodome for $25 and the 7th game.  They were actually having problems getting rid of tickets.

The Twins won 4-2 and I tell ya - I have never been kissed by so many strangers (mostly woman) in my life when we were out on the streets after the game.  It was crazy.

At least we can all go back to hating the Cubs and now that they are just another team it's better.  The person I am REALLY happy for is Bartman who had his life literally ruined October 13th 2003. HIS nightmare is finally over.

David Ross was the oldest player to ever hit a home run in the 7th game to the World Series. For anybody that likes trivia


Of course OUR nightmare could be just beginning if Trump wins.  I see a swift and violent recession.  Did you see that a few months ago Russia said every major city has enough food in storage for 20 days?  And then last month every city in Russia had Nuclear attack practice? Think Trump has anything to do with the world becoming unstabilized?

I was listening to a focus group of Millennials last night about who and why they were voting (if they could because of anal laws that block the poor, the students from voting) and what amazed me were the ones that said they are voting for Trump because Obama has made America racist "Never has America been more racist".  WHAT?  seriously?  And "I really do not believe in many things Trump says but I can't vote for Clinton because she lies so much"  WHAT?  REALLY? SHE LIES SO MUCH?   I just want to slap people who believe Trump is such a saint.  OR - sell them a bridge because they are so freaking gullible.

OH - I like how Trump supporters put their Trump sings on the edge of their property.

Clinton has spent the last year between a 60% chance to win and an 80% chance to win.  Right now it's a 65.7% chance and a 63.5% chance for the Senate becoming blue.

If you want to have fun - get two dice and roll them  2,3,4,5,6,and 8 Clinton wins 7,9,10,11,12 Trump wins.   WHAT FUN!


I heard rumors from Elba residents are switching to Columbia County for their waste and recycling removal.  They currently pay $25 a month for Advance Disposal which seems to be twice as much as Columbus pays.


We (DJ and I) have been fighting our garage door all summer.  The small door broke because typical builder doors totally suck - ESPECIALLY the small ones.  After I called Caldwell Lumber and had them replace our little door and we had them come out to look at the BIG door.

Not ACTUALLY Caldwell but an employee who seems to be the Garage Door Whisperer.

Seems our big one was not installed straight. COME ON!!  Anyway - when you have issues call Caldwell - they do a great job and reinforced the weak parts that all builder doors have.

Caldwell Lumber: Unsurpassed Quality, Award-Winning Service, Affordable Prices, For over 90 years, this has been our pledge to you.    


Another baseball book I was reminded about - If I Ever Get Back.  Sort of a time traveling baseball book about a guy that goes back to 1869.  I read this many years ago and loved it.

Have a day!