Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving week weather

Not sure why the big bump in pages read . . . probably the Trump admin keeping tabs on me on Anger Book (Facebook to some people).  I know (or was told by my parents) that during Nam we kept all of our shades pulled after some guy visited us for a few days.  Not sure what that was all about but there were some sketchy car parked down the street.

I wish my parents were around to ask about that little incident. I was suppose to become a priest OR move to Canada or something.  ahhhh the good ol' days.

Anyway I logged on today and noticed a bump.  Weird.


The coming weather - pretty active for the next couple weeks.

Starting sunset Tuesday and lasting almost 24 hours is system #1. Pretty much just rain and drizzle.

Then a good shot at snow happens Friday midnight to Friday 9AM. Nothing major but it will be cold enough for all snow - maybe an inch?

But after that it starts to get messy

Sunday, Monday Tuesday Wednesday all look messy as a series of storms sweep across the nation. None of them huge but all full of messy water.   This map is the Sunday map.

The BIG weather news is the GOES-R satellite is getting parked in orbit and this is a HUGE HUGE deal for weather geeks.

This is part of a 4 satellite group and is the most sophisticated satellite ever put in orbit at a cost of $1 BILLION.

GOES-R can view the earth in 16 different spectral bands with 34 new instruments.  Right now we can get a complete image of the US every 10 minutes. Once GOES-R is parked (2 weeks) this will go to a complete image every 30 seconds in High def and when concentrated on a storm 500 lightning images a second.

The theory is that once everything is up and running a 7 day forecast will be as good as our current 3 day forecast (which is pretty good already).  But the big benefit will be storms with real tornado warnings 20 minutes sooner.  

On the side GOES-R is also an advanced search and rescue satellite.


Do I need a Doctor?  I think I cracked my index finger - it's getting better (after 1 week) but still is swollen and makes a weird sound and I constantly feel I need to "set" it. I go from a constant 2 in pain to a spontaneous drop everything 9 at random times.  . . . . . but . . . it's getting better??   hmmmmm

Maybe when I get my tooth pulled on the 30th I can have the Dentist take an xray - I'll put my finger in my mouth real quick.


OH - I never posted the election results for Columbus but we are STILL, one of the most liberal towns in Wisconsin.

Columbus had a 70% turnout (Portage had a 51% turnout)  Clinton won my 9% and Feingold beat Johnson (Mr. Milk Toast) by 14%.

In other news Columbus will have a new waste Management company as we go with Columbia County.

In a brief political spew - I read an article about power and a chart of what party and how much power parties have over time.  It seems  no matter what party has the President, that party loses power of those years.  It's a constant fluctuation.  The article was on the order of WHAT NOW FOR DEMOCRATS.  Basically, it's all . . .OK.   The left do have a majority in the US and really only lost by the tiniest of margins.

Polls were actually pretty darn close but the problem was the HUGE swing in the last 7 days (which polls can not see). In Wisconsin 20%  of the voters did not decide until the last week and 80% of those 20% went with Trump.  Same with Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. SOmething happened that last 7 days . . hmmmmm

BUT -  as you see - power tends to fluctuate  

The party that holds the presidency almost always loses strength, but the magnitude of that loss and how quickly it occurs is effectively random. Democrats should not be too discouraged by their present state of affairs. History teaches that it can be reversed, and rather quickly.

NOTE - every time Trump goes from New York to Washing ton it will cost taxpayers $100,000.  also - that $25,000,000 lawsuit that Trump settled . . will come off his taxes. No real loss for him at all. 

And yea - Trump is taking credit for Ford NOT moving to Mexico . . . .even though that had no plans to move. President Pinocchio was just making shit up.  


Got blown away in Fanduel - 97th place out of 100!  OOPS.   


We got HBO for a few months and are catching up on missed shows - Silicon Valley is REALLY good and funny.  Westworld is awesome.  

76% of viewers are using Chrome,  15% Firfox and next ?  is  Maxthon??  What is that?   Besides the US France is 2nd for readers and Uzbekistan??? is 3rd . . . . hmmmm   now I see what trump is watching me.  He thinks I'm a Muslim.   

Nuhh said.  Have a good day and goof Thanksgiving if you are out of touch - drive safely. 

Rod and family