Monday, December 5, 2016

12/5/16 - THAT IS NOT A DOG!!

WELL - some good news for a change.  Once American veterans started to arrive at Standing Rock to protect US Citizens against their own Government . . . things got real fast.

There was no Environmental Impact Study (you don't need one for a small pipeline and this was MANY small pipelines all connected) so now it seems there will be one.

The pipeline has been stopped - at least until Trump is in charge and he has a lot of money in investments riding on this pipeline and all pipelines so we shall see what happens next.  AT THE MOMENT - it's a victory for the American Indians.


I won't go into Trump and how he is destabilizing the world with his bathroom tweets insulting China (He owes China a few hundred million in unpaid bills).


A lot of people were complaining about the polls being wrong yet at the end of the day the national polls were pretty accurate.  The final tally was Clinton wins by 3% when in reality it was closer to 2% except without that "win" part.

The State polls were the problem and those were pretty close. The final week of fake GOP anti-Clinton propaganda was the final straw as 80% of the 20% undecided went to Trump. Of course the ineptness of Clinton did not help either.

DNC=inept GOP=corrupt.

OK OK - I have not slept since the election!


This is freakishly funny - click and read the whole thing!

Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote, And He Seriously Freaks Out

and it continues . . . . .


You know people are all up in arms about that warehouse fire where a few dozen were killed. An old warehouse filled to the brim with "STUFF" and random walls making it a maze where people get lost with only a few exits. The big questions being asked are "Where were city officials and the fire inspection".  It was a catastrophic accident waiting to happen.

Glad there is nothing like that in Columbus to worry about!   knock on wood.


Let's see - what is my next windmill to chase . . . I did Elephants and the Barns and Nobel Circuses - sorry - Carson and Barnes Circus that use electric cattle prods to train their elephants

lets see.  An accident waiting to happen on Avalon at Trick or Treat - should be no parking on the no-sidewalk area on Avalon on Halloween.  it was literally frightening driving through that neighborhood with cars parked on both sides of the street and kids walking down the middle.

hmmmmm   Standrock is sort of done . . . .hmmmmm   4 years of an incompetent fraud President . . .. hmmmmmm . . . . .

Banza noodles - Did I say how that ended? I'm getting a case of Banza Noodles for complaining about their packaging and they want me to tell them how they an make their noodles better(made out of chik peas). So . . I have a case of noodles I don't really like coming to my house.

I now ask every store for senior discounts (10% off Arbys was the latest).  

My non-tooth is feeling better - still a little swollen - the stitches are irritating me.

My neighbor was shoveling his yard last night . . yea - yard.  They built 6 foot tall snowboard jump between our  houses LOL      Photos soon.

Expect next weekend to be messy as 3 systems over 3 days will drop 2-6 inches of more snow.

OK - good enough.