Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas - Window Lights

We were walking home from church
That cold and moonlit Christmas Eve,
While the chill slipped down a collar here,
And there crept up a sleeve,
Till we pulled our mufflers closer
And we pocketed our hands,
And the snow beneath our footsteps
Creaked like frozen rubber bands.

Our words made wreaths of frosty flowers,
December puffs of bloom,
Muted laughter made the sidewalk
Seem as cozy as a room,
Far away a dog was barking
Like a bell against the night,
When we turned around our corner
And we saw our window light.

Window lights shine out a welcome
Far across the dazzled snow,
Shine out warmth and cheer and comfort,
Glimpse of tree and candle glow,
We all stopped and drew together,
There was something so serene,
So warm and close and loving
In that simple Christmas scene.

The moment didn't last long,
Someone looked for Santa's sleigh,
Someone asked could  we have cocoa,
Amd we hurried on our way,
Bit I think we'll all remember now,
However far we roam,
That the truest lights of Christmas
Are the windows lights of home.

    --E V Melotte

(I miss you mom and dad)

Another image of the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Marshall


weather - a thunderstorm (with rain) is not out of the realm of possibility on Christmas


The Packers added another option for making the playoffs Monday night when Washington lost. Their loss put the Pack into the Wildcard option for playoffs . . . just in case.


In South Carolina a GOP bill going through their Senate will require all computers sold to have anti-pornography software installed and would require a fee of $20 to have it removed.  I guess that is one way to fix their road budget   ????


Saudi Arabia will be switch to the Gregorian calendar after this year.  It currently uses the Islamic calendar where it is, at this time, 1438.  By doing this they will have to work and extra 11 days a year.

A good friend has a new forever home for a new puppy.  There have been videos of the Golden Retriever puppy rollicking in the snow and enjoying life . . . .until I saw last night said puppy had a cast.  Broken tibia - seems he jumped up on a bed and his leg went between the bed frame and mattress and snap!  It made my night so sad :-(   Good good thing is he is growing.


Not much more - just a Merry Christmas to anybody that is taking some vacation time and won't be around for a few days!