Friday, January 27, 2017


I literally (and I do mean literally this time) almost died last night.  Probably the closest I have ever come to sudden death (unlike my cancer 25 years ago).

I was at Pizza Pit having a sandwich before Home Brew Club and was talking to a fellow brewer I hardly knew when some food lodged in my throat. At first it was no big deal but after a few seconds I realize this was something different.  

I had taken a few CPR courses in my life and knew that as long as I could get air everything was fine . . . . .I could not get air.  I relaxed and found I could get a tiny bit of air if I breathed very very slowly.  Maybe a 90% blockage.  So as began to slowly take any air I could get while trying to swallow . . . . it was not working.

Maybe 30 seconds  (???) later I realize this was more serious then I thought. My mind was calm but my body was starting to panic a little. This is when many people get up and run to the bathroom . . .and die.

I stood up and started to point at my neck and willing the other brewer to PLEASE give me heimlich. I was not in dire need . . YET but I was wishing he would notice I was having a problem.  I was looking around for where I could fall to give myself heimlich and I think I was 10 seconds away from running to the kitchen.  I was still able to get a tiny amount of air but not enough.

FINALLY there was a little movement and it became dislodged which was good because I was getting a little tunnel vision-ish. That 10% air I was getting saved me.

I sat down and git REALLY hot. Didn't eat the rest of my Classic Combo (awesome sandwich),

I tell ya - since that moment every time I take a big breath it's like my first breath.  PLEASE - learn the heimlich.  If you see someone having issues ASK if they need help - that can't ask you!!  

That is the lesson I learned


At Home Brew Club we were judging 13 Belgian Blondes (something Trump would love to do) and as I sat down I was next to a fellow Columbus resident, two brewers that work at Enerpac and a guy that seemed oddly more familiar then 2 months ago.

He looked at me and said . . . "are you on the city council in Columbus?"  And then it hit me. He was one of the two guys that we have been meeting with from Fromm Family Foods, He's A Fromm!!

Now I need to find a brewer in American Packaging. LOL


I'm doing a project with HLPC and the pavilion.  I took a tour and it's looking GREAT.  I only took one shot so far but intend on doing more next week.

I did not know that many of the north side windows were removed. They used to be big like on the south side, and that wood along the bottom of the walls was added at some point.


Back to my favorite topic - The Wall will never be built between Mexico and Texas.  Why?  Well, for one thing all the cement in that area comes from Mexico. Another problem is that in Texas 45% of construction labor is from undocumented immigrants (14% Nation wide).  There is a huge labor shortage in America.  The brewery in Sun Prairie was scuttled because once bids started to come in the $1 million raised was not enough.  There is a lack of contractors to build things and prices are sky rocketing. What was $1 million 2 years ago is now $1.7 million.

In Iowa farmers are rethinking this whole Trump thing with TPP being canceled. Seems 20% of American corn crops go overseas and now that deal was scuttled with no replacement.  So the poor countries that NEED corn to stave off hunger are shut out of American corn and American corn has no where to go and prices will start to lower.  Iowa farmers are saying they can not make a profit now on crops as there is no one to sell them too.  

And of course the trade war between Mexico has started and a few million American workers that need trade from Mexico will be out of work.  Oh, China has mobilized their warships and are pounding their chests over the new American aggression.

Whitehouse leaks have said that Trump spends a lot of his day obsessing over what people are saying about him and his handlers are trying to get him away from TV. And Obamacare?  They have no clue what will replace it. They have been looking for a better solution for 6 years and have nothing at the moment except a mandated health saving account (sort of their plan for Medicaid) .  In fact all of these Executive orders Trump has been signing are just paperwork with zero substance behind them . . BUT . . he looks great signing them which is what counts.          

The upper management of the State Department who many have worked with the last 4 Presidents all quit. Really not THAT odd but NORMALLY they wait for replacements - not this time. Plus since we do not yet have a Secretary of State yet there is literally nobody running the State department with any actual professional experience in foreign affairs.

Basically, America has no State department, no ambassadors to talk to foreign governments to help explain a President who is literally (and I do mean literally) clueless on how government works.

But besides that we're good! Everything is running smoothly!