Monday, January 16, 2017


The best of Packers stuff.

First of all - this is hard to see in stop motion but Rodgers is on his top toes leaning.

A funny thing happened after the game.  There was a tornado warning and people could not leave.

Also - DJ has family that have season tickets to Dallas games. They went on facebook last night and said they stopped at a restaurant 60 miles north of Dallas.  "It was like a morgue!".

Rodgers has thrown 5 TD passes in the last 2 years on free opponent offside plays - all the rest of the NFL QBs, in the last 2 years, have tossed 5 also!  

Packers are 4 point underdogs next Sunday - meaning they are 1 point underdogs on a neutral site.  Over/Under is 60.5 At this moment 55% of gamblers are playing Green Bay, I think that is a bad thing as the public is typically not that bright.


This is the best video I have seen

RUN THE TABLE: Go Pack Go from Nial Nelson-Hopkins on Vimeo.

Switching it up a little - an iPhone image of my newest canvas

A little politics


Weather should be in the mid to upper 40s after Tuesday 

WATCH The Mick on CBS?   VERY funny show!  Also - on Netflix Travelers is better then I thought and is really good and The OA looks interesting.  And of course Silicone Valley is hilarious, I think my career in IT matches Big Heads! LOL


For anybody keeping track - Elwood applied for a job at Willy Street - almost over qualified as a cleaner. This would be a game changer for him - The PROBLEM is that while Willy Street North is on a bus route - NO buses from where he lives goes to Willy Street North without 3 transfers OR walking a mile late at night through bad streets to get to a bus stop.  He lives on teh full house intersection (151/51) by Walgreens,  

Is there any senior transportation in Madison. Cab would be $15 each way.