Monday, January 9, 2017

The Golden 100 yards in Columbus

Packers - Shouldn't Matthews get two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery on that one play?

And a couple things ESPN mentioned:

There have been 3 TD passes this year in the NFL where the passer took longer the 8 seconds to throw the ball.   Rodgers has two of them.  

In the past 2 years in the NFL there have 9 successful Hail Mary's.  Rodgers has 3 of them. NOT counting the Fail Mary in Seattle.


Funny things that happened this weekend - well, not FUNNY HA HA but humorous (and not really THAT humorous actually).

We spent a good amount of time in Madison Saturday and did a bunch of grocery shopping at HyVee. We had a little container of donuts from their bakery and as we were about to check out there was a table full of containers of pastry from the Greenbush bakery. We stopped, looked at them, and said  "ooooo those look awesome".  So I took my little container of little donuts and placed them on the table . . . . . with all the other containers from other people switching out the HyVee bakery for the Greenbush bakery.

They might have to change the strategy on that one. LOL


While in the area we had a gift certificate that we purchased for ourselves ($10 off) and went to the Olive Garden.  While there I saw a few people at tables with their baseball caps on.  I'm not one for manners and etiquette but I was taught hats off inside.  Well, for me hats off AT LEAST in a restaurant sitting at a table.  It's just rude and according to some publications I have read on body language and so forth it's a sign of lower self esteem. Like you are hiding behind the bill of your cap which when you think about it makes perfect sense.

WELL, I mentioned this on Face book as a "personal pet peeve" and many people agreed on how it irritates them but one guy JUST WENT OFF ON ME!  Seriously, 22+ comments and arguments about "who ever said wearing a baseball cap at a restaurant was bad manners" and am "I just making shit up on it being bad etiquette". Really?  Then it quickly zoomed into Columbus government corruption and THEN it went downhill from there.

YIKES!  THAT was fun.!  I do like poking bears at times but I didn't even know there was a controversy on baseball cap wearing in a restaurant. I THOUGHT it was just common sense.



In Columbus a new restaurant opened (caps in bars or sports bars or booths are fine in my book, sitting at a table being waited on with white linen and a wait staff that dresses up is not - BUT - I'm a senior so what do I know.)

Did I just say I was a senior?  OMG!

ANYWAY - The Chef's Corner has had a soft opening.  The old Fireman's Tap is now the Chef's Corner run by Alex, the original GOOD cook from Hydro Street and a real Chef.  Remember when Hydro had good food?  This is him.

So the Golden 100 yards now has Bistro Racian, La Tolteca and The Chef's Corner. Three REAL good restaurants.  


In City Government - Mayor Crombie will be stepping down from Mayorship and will be the first Mayor in the last 300 years to voluntarily step down as Mayor after a record run of two terms.

Running in his place will be Michael Thom,  Also running and currently in office is the always delightful and cheery Regan Hendrickson and holding down the right flank on council will be Trina Reid.  New comer and lumberjack look alike, Matt Kenny (currently on CDA) will be running for Thom's chair.


DJ and I were talking about what romantic place we would like to see New Years Eve and Paris was the choice.  But that would mean a long long trip so I said how about Montreal as a friend who has traveled the world said it was one of his favorite places to visit.

WELL - we can do one better - an article in the Daily Citizen said  Beaver Dam was the Paris of Dodge County . . .so . . I guess you know where we will be next New Years!!


Did you know

Terrorism in Europe is MUCH MUCH lower now then 30 years ago when they had repeated bombings from the IRA, ETA, Red Brigade, Japanese Red Army and Baader-Meinhoff Group and in the US between 2005 and 2015 there were only 24 deaths from Islamist Terrorists.

You are 12,000 times more likely to be accidentally killed by an American with a gun.  In fact you are more likely to be shot by a toddler with a gun then a terrorist.  Just sayin'.


Got a computerized call from   I ...R...S   Friday saying I was hiding fraud and I needed to call them back ASAP or go to jail.  I quickly ran to Walgreens and purchased $150,000 in iTune cards so I would not go to jail  WHEW - that was close.

I wish I knew how to put a voicemail on a blog!


The Milwaukee Bucks’ Mediocre Record Is Hiding A Dangerous Team - an article talks about the elite teams of the NBA and then says this

"Then there are the 18-16 Milwaukee Bucks, who, bizarre as it sounds, are quietly building a case for inclusion onto that short list of the league’s best teams." “Positionless basketball” they call the Bucks.



Nuff said