Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Golf Club

There is nothing I can say about the Republican Party who believe that Putin is just as good  and kindhearted as Obama and Bush and they also believe the media is covering up hundreds of terrorists attacks (Bowling Green?).

He is getting himself impeached without my help.  I see the republicans sent their spokes woman, Kelly Anne to CNN for their State of the Union program but CNN said - "no, we want someone with a shred of credibility".  EVIL MEDIA!!!  WE DON'T NEED CREDIBILITY.

I can just sit back and watch the train wreak in slow motion, day by day.  As many have said - we ALL lost in this election. One side just don't know it yet.


I took this back yard shot a few days ago.  Cardinals are hard to shoot, very skittish. Blue Jays are tough too.


In case you are wondering the Las Vegas odds of the Pats coming back from 25 down was 1600 to 1. From what I heard "Las Vagas" took a bath on the Super Bowl with the OVER bets.  EVERYBODY was picking the OVER and once the game went into overtime, the OVER was a done deal.

Smallest viewership of the SB in 4 years.  Lady Gaga was outstanding and there were 117.5 million viewers watching her. Slightly less then the 117.7 million that tuned in for the Overtime.


If any of you play video golf games you know that Tiger Woods Golf is no longer being made. EA Sports went to Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour but they put very little into it.  HOWEVER - there is a new system called The Golf Club that is OUTSTANDING.  Especially if you are a real golfer.

I got this simulation because you can create courses.  In fact 100% of the thousands of courses are all user created and they are fantastic.  From real courses to whatever is in your minds eye.  The ball dynamics are spot on and the actual golfing is very realistic.  Unlike the arcade-ish EA Sports you have to actually think on this simulation.

Everybody has the same rules. You can't "buy" better clubs or other arcadey things.  

If you create a course you can upload it to all platforms, PC, Xbox, PS4 and whatever else.

While EA Sports graphics are amazing the game play is more like an arcade.  The Golf Club  does not have the A+ graphics, more like a B+ which is the ONLY beef people have.



This artist blew DJ and I  away the other night. It was a drop what you are doing and listen moment. She is a French woman who grew up in the Congo


Look her up on YouTube.


Weather - after today 3 days of sun. Over cast and warm on Saturday in the mid 40s and some sort of random precipitation Sunday with temps in the upper 40s  and higher then average temps after that.  So far so good.  Nothing big on the horizon.

That's it - just checking it.