Monday, March 20, 2017

A trip to the ER

I left you last Thursday? Friday? when I was feeling poorly.  Well, it got way WAY worse. Friday I was feeling about the same but there was improvement.  I go through this once a year with "back tweaking" and figured I knew how to deal with it.  Take it easy, ice and Ibu.

Saturday morning at 2:17 I attempted to roll over on my side and was halfway there when I literally heard and felt a TWANG and I was paralyzed with blinding pain.  I could not roll back, I could not roll forward and I think there was some guy yelling at me "YOU GOTTA GET OFF THE BEACH SOLDER OR YOU WILL DIE".  So I rolled back on my back with a girly like scream and felt I was laying on a knife.

"Hey sweetie, I got a bed I can't get out of" is not a good pick-up line  . . . EVER.

This was seriously the most intense pain that lasted for over a few minutes I have ever felt.  In the late morning a trip to urgent care in Columbus was determined the best course of action and I was told what I expected I would hear.  

They could take X-rays to see if I had a broken rib or go with the pulled back muscle scenario. Same thing, nothing you can do but minimize the pain.  SO, here comes the muscle relaxers and codeine and  . . . . stool softeners to go along with the codeine.  The DR said that the combo muscle relaxers and codeine taken together would lead to sleepyness and perhaps some goofyness (his words). 

If you have ever had a hernia operation this is the equivalent pain.  I dare not cough, I can't blow my nose and I won't even go into the bathroom issues. NO twisting or bending over.  I'm like a human sloth. Maybe I'm morphing into a super hero.

 Sloth-man able to do things amazingly slow.

ANYWAY - Today I'm actually better. I'm up to my previous worst day of pain so that is an improvement.  

There was an "Economic Development in Africa" summit at the University of Southern California this weekend. They have had it for a number of decades with great things happening. This year ZERO African delegates attended because every visa request was denied.  100 out of 100  The GOP hates all non-Americans. We don't want your kind in our AMERICA.

The yearly summit goal is to encourage businesses to invest in Africa and to support initiative to provide clean energy, tackle the impacts of climate change and reduce poverty.  DENIED!!  Screw other countries AMERICA FIRST was in full force.

Truth is 40% are normally denied, this year 100%. No Africans wanted here. Anyone of those educators could be terrorists you know.  And why should we help ANYBODY but ourselves. Screw the world.


Badgers had one of their best 2 point shooting games and their defense held the 4th biggest offense to one of their weakest games of the year. Scientifically the Badgers have a 21% chance of makign the final 4 now.

OK - just an update. Nuff said.