Thursday, March 2, 2017

Good-bye trees

Good-bye trees!

Sadly this could be the last winter shot of the trees of James Street as the "cleaning and grubbing" (not a political statement on our President)  stage of the James Street Reconstruction begins shortly.

Seems there is a bat that likes to nest in those trees and since the trees need to go ANYWAY they have to be cut early before the bats wake up and find a place to nest in the summer. All trees will be replaced with smaller trees.

For a power point of the project go here - there will be no test at the end.



We started our free agent draft in SOM and there was a small hiccup.  Since this is an international league a guy in Italy was sleeping.  sigh!   I missed out on Jean Segura (amazing 2nd basemen - you might have heard of him) and missed out on Ian Kinsler (another great 2B) so I was forced to take Jason Kipnis.  I REALLY needed a good fielding 2B.


4.5 inches of snow was the final amount and we have record highs coming to a Sunday near you.


The speech?

Gotta say - well done Mr. Trump. Totally meaningless with zero content but at least he proved he can repeat someones else's words for an hour, but that was really about it. No substance to his words.  He could have been replaced with ANY Republican who would have said pretty much the exact words he said. Nothing new.

The question is - can he repeat that performance over and over and over again for the next 4 years?

One thing is for sure - Obama Care will be here a long long time as they are completely lost on how to fix and or repeal it (remember, they have been working on this for 6 years already).  The big thing is that they want to make healthcare available.  Well, that means if you have enough money it is available to you.  GREAT!


And then there is Jeff Sessions!  sigh!


The Minnesota Vikings Stadium is a bloodbath for birds and it was known a LONG LONG time ago - even during the design stage.  In the last 11 seeks 60 dead and 14 stunned birds have been found laying at it's base and an estimated 300+ have been killed so far as they fly into the glass.


A temperature of 63.5 degrees was measured in Antarctica. This is the warmest reading ever recorded  in Antarctica.


Then there is Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper) who's children don't have a clue what their parents do. They do not own a TV.  WELL seems half of the show is fake. That part where they look at 3 different homes and then choose one?  FAKE!  The purchasers have to already own a house before Chip and Joanna will work on it so that first part is all staged.


According to IMDB the last 3 seasons of Survivor have been their best. Not bad after 32 seasons.

Starting next week on Wednesday some of the games best players will match up including the only person to ever win the game twice. Still one of the best and truest non-scripted shows on TV.  ALMOST as good as Big Brother which is basically Survivor inside with more strategy.


I finished season two of Narco on Netflix.  I loved that show as it was a docudrama about capturing and killing Columbia drug lord Pablo Escobar in Columbia. Fascinating. Who knew all this was goign down in the 70s.  The guy killed over 400 police officers over his rein.  His net worth in 1990 was over $55 BILLION in today's money.

Also finally finished Boardwalk Empire.


Papa Johns (a HUGE Trump supporter) is testing a $2.99 fee for getting bumped to teh top of the list for delivery on their pizza.


Denmark has a 4.3% unemployment rate (they use the same analytics as America) and companies are having a very hard time finding workers.