Monday, March 27, 2017

Once every 2 Decades / ARRIVAL

Now that I got my HELP blog out of the way a real one.

I'm labeling my accident as a once every 2 decades traumatic event. The last time I was in such pain was after my hernia operation a decade ago but I had MUCH better drugs after that one. codeine?  phhht !!   that was like candy compared to my hernia operation drugs?  Only thing is I still can't cough, clear my throat for blow my nose because of a pulled muscle.

Anyway I'm doing much better and am now at 85% capacity for healthiness.  Timing is critical as I will be golfing in the Smokey Mountains in 2 weeks, the land of water falls and golf courses I guess.

I've only driven through the Smokies, never really stopped (just driving through) but we have an opportunity to stay there for a week so . . . vacation #1 of 2 coming up this year.  The other will be in Winter Park Colorado.

I'll bring my camera for both.


Yesterday we were at the 100 year birthday party for the Columbus Pavilion.

This was early and people were still arriving.  The place looked great.  New bathrooms and so many people were excited and I heard one person say she had tears in their eyes as wheel chairs could finally see the pavilion for the first time in decades (or EVER) with the new elevator.

An impressionistic image of the gala event.


Couple weeks ago we had relatives up from the Dallas area.  They were amazed at basements.  They had never seen a house with a basement before and snow was a marvel.

Last night got a text and a photo of some hail they received in the Dallas area (McKinney area actually) .


In 1360 during the Hundred Years War there was a storm on April 13th that killed 1000 solders. They said solders and horses were killed trying to fell the storm.


Other quirky news

It's been found that if you wait until a child is 6 instead of 5 for them to enter kindergarten they found that a child will learn more faster.  20% of kids enter at age 6. This sort of backs up the findings that pre-school does absolutely nothing for faster development.


Watched ARRIVAL last night and my heart was pounding in the first 5 minutes! VERY well done first encounter / time travel-ish movie!

I love  love loved this movie!!!

I will watch this again for sure.

If you have seen the movie - this 8 minute youtube explains things - if you have not seen the movie - this is a spoliler.

ARRIVAL (2016) Ending Explained