Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bullpenning and a new Mayor.



Columbus has a new Mayor and my prediction has come true.  During my first year of being an alderman I commented that I felt alderman Thom would be, SOMEDAY,  Mayor.  He is anal enough and controlling enough to become Mayor and I say that as a compliment (no really it is). You really need to be those two things.

I really liked Kelly as Mayor and feel he did a GREAT job and Columbus is way better off now then it was 4 years ago.  I will miss his dry humor and problem solving and there were some really tough situations that he found a way around.  Bravo! 

Thom won with a whopping 96% of the vote.  !!!  It was a blow out

Trina Reid was the big winner though as she won with an almost perfect 99.09% of the vote (2 people did not like her), we are looking into who these individuals are. 

Cindy Damm and Kelly Crombie won the School Board.

There were 755 votes cast in Columbus (I was sure someone had a higher number then that)  

After voting we celebrated with a walk downtown (amazing with no trucks - so quiet) and then a beer.  I had to take a photo as it was a new been - gotta register it. 


Purchased a book from Sharrows.  I actually have an image in the book.  It's a GREAT book for images of old Columbus and stories.  A must have for anybody that loves Columbus. $22


Next week I will be in the Nantahala National Forest for a week. Home of the Cullasaja River Gorge (home of 23 water falls) . If anyone has been in that area and knows  . . .things . . let me know!  I'm bringing my camera.


Remember Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz pulling ad's from FOX fake News because of sex scandals and FOX dolling out $13 million to keep woman quiet? Well, 19 more advertisers have now pulled their funding for sex abuse from FOX, the family values network for covering up sex for keeping your job.


A new Gallop poll says 55% of Americans like the AHC. It's the highest numbers yet.  Yea - get rid of it for sure.


Anybody watching the Brewers play the Rockies will notice how many times the Rockies bullpen is being used.   Colorado is one of, if not the most progressive bullpen management schemes in the Majors.

First was Boston when they hired Bill James to work on a bullpen management scheme and it was a disaster.  The problem was not HOW he did it but the fact that they tried to do things different with HORRIBLE pitchers.

The current way is to have roles.  Middle men, set up men and of course the closer which is really a dumb way to do it.

A closer, supposedly your best relief pitcher will often times coming into the game in the 9th inning with no one on base and no stress. Not even the most important moment in a game.  For instance, 7th inning and you are winning 4-3 with runners on 1st and 2nd.  I would say right NOW is a pretty important time in the game right? Why wait!

And this whole "Starting pitcher thing" is old school also.  The inning with the most amount of runs being scored is the 1st inning.  More runs are scored in the 1st then any other inning (hmmm, that seems redundant).  The team control who is at bat in the 1st and a starting pitcher knows he is in for 6 innings so will not throw is BEST stuff yet and many other reasons.

Why not start the game with a reliever that will pitch all out for 2 innings. The two innings where most runs are scored.  Then if you have too put in your "starter" for the next 5 or 6 innings".  Use your "closer" when the game is on the line, WHENEVER that happens.

By doing this you also add to your offense as you are pinch hitting much more and not letting your pitcher bat as much.  The OPS (OB pct plus SLG pct) for a pitcher is .306 and the OPS for an average NL position player is .694.

Just more things for old school baseball people to complain about along with a players AVG being pretty meaningless, WINS and SAVES for pitchers being meaningless and ERA is really dependent on the players behind you are fielding your hit pitches.  Ask Wily Peralta, a ground ball pitcher for the Brewers and how he enjoys having no range fielders behind him.

BTW - last night the Brewers announcers were  complaining about how many CLOSE line drives plays the Brewers fielders were missing.  Ummmm . . . that is called range.

The Rockie 3B is rated as a 1e13.  Means he gets EVERYTHING hit his way and in 162 games will have 13 errors.  Errors are really an afterthought on looking at fielders. 13 errors is nothing if you never ever get your glove on the ball.  It's all about range.

Travis Shaw the Brewer 3B is rated as a 3e27.  3 is below average so the few balls Shaw gets a glove on there is a good change he will make an error. Shaw is a really good fielding 1B and a pretty bad 3B.        


58% of power in Scotland is powered by wind.  1.3 million megawatts worth.