Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Switching directions

Have I mentioned that the movie USS Indianapolis Men of Courage is HORRIBLE?

The survivors gave it a thumbs down when the movie studio asked them for money to distribute the movie (never a good sign). It's on Netflix and I decided that while I'm on the stair master at Anytime Fitness I would watch it in 25 minute sections and MY GOD!!!

For instance.  When a sailor ask this jar head Marine why he joined the Marines the reply was "TO KILL JAPS" and every 5 minutes there is some inaccuracy.  Hiroshima was NEVER a primary target for the bomb.  The Enola Gay was named NOT a few weeks ahead of time but the night before.  The Indy was a  Portland-class heavy cruiser and did NOT have 16 inch guns.

The movie is loosely based on a book they never actually read.


So here is something new.  I'm getting into the clothing industry.  Over the past year I have been contacted by a company to have my images put on clothing.  I had resisted but with my decision to not do as many art fairs* I'm looking for other outlets for artwork.

*art Fairs are extremely profitable but time consuming and physically demanding and stressful.

SO - when I saw that Trey Ratcliff, my photo guru, was involved I looked into it.  I receive a good commission when something sells and the producers in impoverished countries are paid well AND the company "provides literacy programs so the people doing the manual labor learn to read, write, and do basic math and build a better life for generations to come".

Seems like good quality as many of the clothing were seen at the Golden Globes.

I've done a good amount of due diligence to make sure it's legit.  If the Wall Street Journal had an article it can't be THAT bad right?

SO - I've been working on this little project. I'll have actual models wearing my "collection" in the near future once I get things more organized.  Art fairs and clothing collections are a different animal.

Do I have one "line" of 10 "like" items at a time?  or put all 50 out at once.  It's a different genre' so there is a learning curve I think.

We shall see.  I'm still working out how do do this but the eclectic collection so far can be seen here at VIDA.  

In other news I JUST got an email from a serviceman about an RC-26B aircraft I took photos of a few years ago at the National Guard.  It was so cool, they got their little truck out and hooked it up the plane so I could get photos of it just before they went on a mission that night.

Their is a camera on the front that can take photos from 20,000 feet that can spot my camera at night on the ground in darkness.   This guy flew it in Iraq and wants a copy.


The MLB system didn't exactly call the Brewer game correctly did it.  Lost 1.37 virtual units overall on the 9 games. That was a big system loss of 1.93 units

Favs ROI 5.12% 102 games
Dogs ROI 16.26% 76 games

Tonight Cubs 3 Brewers 2