Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Big Breakfast

The last two days I pitted two Columbus restaurants against each other by ordering the exact same thing from both.

The Columbus Family Restaurant (CFR) vs. The Apple Tree (TAT).  I chose The Big Breakfast, the only thing I can eat at McDonalds as my testing meal since in a different point in my life I was a breakfast cook so I know a thing or two about eggs. So let's look at the components of the meal.

I asked for over medium eggs which should be cooked all the way through but still have a runny yolk.

CFR eggs were more "over easy" and a little runny while TAT eggs were literally perfectly done.  AT wins the EGGS.  Both were large eggs.

Hashbrowns - both places had the default tasteless corporate hashbrowns with zero seasoning. I liked TATs better as they were a little more crispy on the outside but it was basically a draw out of boredom.

Bacon - CFR had 2 strips of crisp bacon compared to 3 strips at AT.  Both were good. TAT wins by a strip.

White toast.  CFR had regular white toast which was buttered from side to side while TAT had thicker bread BUT only the center was buttered.  This is a big demerit point for me as toast should be buttered from side to side, not a dollop in the middle.  Point CFR.

Orange Juice - CFR had a small class for $1.75 which TAT had a larger glass. Both were generic bland OJ-ish substance . . . more like Tang.

So - The Apple Tree wins AND it was cheaper.  The price of both meals were in the same range as McDonalds if you did not tip.

HOWEVER - the best breakfast so far?  The Jet Room at Wisconsin Aviation.  Even Elwood said "that was the most perfectly prepared breakfast I have ever had"


Last night in City Council we had a presentation by a citizen who felt that blustering, threatening, yelling, stomping and acting like a 6 year old was the way to get your point across.  Yet, I believe what he was asking for was not outlandish at all and most on council agreed.  But he felt like acting like a little baby was the adult way to go.  He was asked to leave the premises. Some people need anger management counseling.  I guess he is mad at the City because people drive poorly and do not stop at STOP signs.  OUR FAULT, we need better STOP signs. (Did you know LED Stop signs cost about $2000 each?)


There will be a spring garbage clean-up the week of May 15th (probably). Bring out your garbage you can't get rid of for curb side pick-up.


I was watching the LA Angels vs. the Oakland A's and I could not believe I was listening to ignorance.

One of the announcers was whining about defensive shifts and if they were:  1. legal and 2. if it was legal perhaps shifting should be made illegal because it was ruining the game.

WHAT?  Maybe we should get rid of bunting and hitting home runs as they were frowned upon also at one time.

The thing is there are no rules on where a player can stand on defense. He can be whereever he wants.  The only reason fielders stand where they do is because that is where they have ALWAYS stood.  Now with "computers" we see that perhaps where they default stand is NOT the best place to stand.

This was once again an old school announcer not understanding the game he is broadcasting (like way way too many)

Then there is the Brewer game.  One horrific bad inning for Villar.  The Brewers young and not very good second base option.  At some point I'm going to go over each player on the Brewers once SOM Baseball Daily comes out (today?).  But Villar, while being a very very good offense player (62 SBs and 19 HRs last year with a .826 OPS (OPS = on base pct + slugging pct) but pretty bad defense and it showed in one inning as he gave the Rockies 2 free runs.

The Brewer starter who was a 31 year old career minor leaguer (and taken one pick before I tried to draft him) is now on the NEW 10 day DL list (used to be 15 day) that MLB has.  He should be there longer then 10 days though.  We shall see who the Brewers get to fill his hole. Tough break pulling a muscle bunting.  I know about pulled muscles.


Trumps approval rating hit a new low today.

There are 3,814 doctors in the US that are non-US citizens. They studied abroad and obtained medical residencies in the United States. A program to provide them the necessary Visas was suspended Monday and many are now faced with either never leaving the country or if they do they leave not being able to come back.  And we will no longer allow those kind of people into our country.

We don't need Doctors anyway.

Both Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz have pulled advertising from “The O’Reilly Factor” because of a continuing FOX News sex scandal.  It seems that FOX does not really treat woman as equals but more like sex objects.  Probably why Trump likes FOX so much, his kind of people. You are allowed to grope woman at your will. And if they complain they get fired.  Trumps America.


Madison Bumgarner, a pitcher for the SF Giants hit 2 home runs on opening day.  He has 14 home runs since 2014.  On a per at bat level, there are only 16 position players in MLB that have more HRs per at bat the Bumgarner


For the first time in . . .many years . . the US military had ZERO amputations in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past year. Down from 22 a month in 2011.


there are 21,000 pieces of garbage floating around in space that NASA keeps track of. a new piece floated away a few days ago as Peggy Whitson and Shane Kimbrough were working on repairing a debris shield - OOPS . . it floated away.  Must have been the wind.


Because Trump is cutting a LOT of funding to the IRS, the US will lose about $8 BILLION in uncollected taxes this year.  Good for you if you are cheating, bad for America.

OH - Consumer Spending was weak the first 3 months of this year - not a good sign. Imports from China fell a record amount and exports for China and Mexico dropped significantly.


OH - this involves a Columbus resident

“It’s overwhelming!” Staffing shortage prompts 911 call and walkout at troubled assisted living center

OK - nuff said