Monday, May 8, 2017

Arby's FAIL

SO - spent Saturday with Elwood.

First we went to balderdash's house to take photos and make suggestions on how he could beef up his house with some plants.  Not a lot to work with as it was pretty nice already.  But there were two areas that could use some additions.

Then we went to the rock wall under the water tower in Columbus and did some weeding which is minimal (the reason we picked those plants) and planted a few more open spots.  If you have not driven past the water tower lately you should.  Lookin' good.  Everything is filling in and people no longer have pockets they can stuff garbage into.

The long term plan is to fill the wall up with sedum which stops weeds and then start to create veins of color.   That entire wall is from one $3 plant we purchased 4 years ago.  

Then we went to our house and beer-ed up to do some real work by Two Drunk Guys Landscaping.

  Still need more trimming but we got the mulch in and planted a lot more Georgia Blue (Veronica umbrosa 'Georgia Blue') which is hard to find but we have been propagating for a few years so it's all free.

I drove Elwood home back to Madison about 10:30.  On the way back I was a little hungry so I thought I would stop at Arby's to get a little bitty sandwich.  Coming into Madison I saw that the Arby's drive through was busy . . a good sign as they would have fresh stuff.

I let Elwood off and drive up to Arby's and there is STILL a line at the drive through.  5 cars ahead of me and I give my order.  One Classic Roast beef.  $3.47 pull up to the window.  Well . . . with cars ahead of me that was a problem so I waited.

After 6 minutes I was STILL in the same place I ordered my food.  Had not moved on inch.

Wait - I moved up one spot . . .and waited 5 more minutes (all times are REAL time).  I moved up another spot and waited  . . but wait . . there is now a woman at the window saying they got an order wrong and we are now on the 15 minute mark.  FINALLY I move up to almost to food window when the pick-up behind be drives over the curb and leaves.    

At the 20 minute mark I'm at the food window and the guy says "Please tell me you have a Beef and Chedder". I say no and he says DAMN IT.

SO!!  he explains that he does not have a Classic Roast Beast at the moment and then asks for $3.47.  I give it to him thinking he will make it  . . . . . and THEN he says drive around to the special creepy dark spot in the dark side of Arby's and wait.  sigh  We are now at the 24 minute mark and it looks like they are closed inside.

I drive around like a lemming and wait. I have GREAT music blasting and wait and wait and wait.  I see 3 cars go through the line and am wondering what I should do.

FINALLY - the door opens and it looks to me like the dude forgot about me and QUICKLY says "I'll be right back"   WTF!!!!

At the 28 minute mark he comes out with my sandwich, a free combo card and a HUGE FREAKING Chocolate milk shake.   sigh

I say thanks and he leaves . . . I have no sauce for my sandwich but a huge ass milk shake that tastes FANTASTIC but it's now like 11:45.

I ate everything and at 2 in the morning work up feeling REALLY sick as my body is one big liquid slush ball of roast beef and a gallon of milk shake.  

I hurled. Arby's FAIL.

Arby's has been notified of my situation.