Thursday, May 18, 2017

Star Trek Discovery

I was asked if I was suffering from mental illness the other day.  I said no, I was actually enjoying it.


Good news for the Republicans - they got a Special Council to investigate the President.  No really, it is good news for them.

But first - why is this good news for Trump?  Well, he can actually not say anything about his involvement with Russia because there is an ongoing investigation - no comment!!  and he can focus on actual political things instead of blaming everyone else on Twitter.

AND - they might not find anything at all and it would make Trump look like a winner (whic is important to him).

Why is this bad for Trump?  The Russian thing will not go away for a long long time and they could find some very very bad things in a cover-up.

OF COURSE - Trump can always fire the Special Council . . . . that might not look very good but is a very real possibility.  Remember - this is what Nixon did.

Whys is this good for Republicans?  Same as with Trump - they can get back to actual politics (unless Trumps does some more Tweeting) and instead of constantly being asked about Russia they can defer to Special Council.

Why is this bad for Republicans?  - it's not bad.  There is nothing bad about this for them.

Why is this good for Democrats - read why is this bad for Trump.   Also since this will be a long drawn out process it could last to the mid-terms.

Why is this bad for Democrats - The left could have pounded Trump every day for another 2 years and keep this as a headline - now they can't.

 - - - -

Side note - the co-author of "The Art of the Deal"  has apologized for co-authoring the book and is donating all of his proceeds to charity.

He has also said he really doubts Trump will get impeached - HOWEVER - he says Trump will "resign and claim victory".  Trump is all about winning and losing and he is losing very very bigly at the moment and is looking for ways out of the mess he created.  Trump NEVER wanted to be President in the first place and this is his nightmare.


OMG - check out the new Star Trek Discover trailer - I will for sure spend $5 a month to view this


Seems AT@T and DIRECT TV are in trouble for bait and switch tactics on bundling phone and TV.

You sign a 2 year deal for a cheap bundle and then they raise the price on you. You cannot cancel without a large fine and you cannot have a lawsuit because in the very tiny letters it says you cannot have lawsuits.

I got that letter and it was only for new customers but I did see that you could not sue them in anyway.


VERY windy last night in golf.  I was doing fine until the last 4 holes and I started watching the oncoming storm.   ended with 7,7,7,7 for a 52.  sigh. Could not putt and on the last home a 140 7 iron with 160 instead.   Still waiting for a NORMAL night of golf.


A new Public Policy Polling survey came out and AT THE MOMENT the Democrats lead in the House of Representatives by 49-38


That HUGE worldwide ransom attack has not been a gold mine for the perps.  They have only netted $50,000 so far from companies that caved in.

 - - - - -going to be a cool rainy Saturday but better Sunday