Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fielding - Brewers, Blade Runner 2049.

At the golf course last week I heard a guy say that Arcia was in line for a Gold Glove at SS for the Brewers.  ummmmm - not even close.  I said that I believe Sogard and Arcia were among the best fielding SS/2B combinations in the league. But remember I said "among".  There are MUCH better combinations.

San Francisco has Crawford and Prank which I believe is the very best fielding combos.  Don't look at errors when assessing fielding. Errors are what happens when you actually reach a ball.  If you are so slow you can never GET to a ball you will never have an error.

In Strat-o-matic terms.  Fielding range is what you really want. A number 1 being "amazing" and 5 being "rock-like"  And the number of errors like "e20" means a player would commit 20 errors in 162 game.

Arcia is a 2e20  and Sogard is a 2e8  Villar is a 3e25 at 2B.  A "3" is pretty much average and a e20 would be slightly better then mediocre.

Crawford and Prank on the Giants?  1e8 and 1e12. That combo will cut down a teams ERA be about by 0.25

The rest of the Brewer infield  Shaw is 3e14 at  3B and Thames 4e9.   "5s" are a rarity. Prince Fielder was a "5".


23% of retail jobs in America are located in rural ares.  However, only 13% of e-commerce jobs are in rural's.  The bottom is falling out of manufacturing in rural areas so I think Columbus massaging  Drexil to come to our community is a huge bonus.  With 25% of American malls do to go belly up in the next 5 years (they were only loss leaders anyway, not meant to "make" money) and big box stores having issues I think this is a big deal!!
62% of Americans believe gays and lesbians should be allowed to legally marry, up from 46% in 2007.
Ron Johnson has voted with Trump 97.3% of the time. The leading Trump groupie Senator. Yet he is against Trumpcare because it does not go far enough to screw the elderly and the poor.

ALWAYS REMEMBER - it is the job of government to take care of it's citizens at all costs. I know the current oligarchy/GOP is all about saving dollars but at what cost to peoples health?  is it a government for the people? or a government for themselves.  
1.2 TRILLION digital photos will be taken this year and 86% of those will be taken with your phone. Well, not YOUR phone . . someone else's phone.  Probably selfies in which the only person who cares about a selfie is you. Well, not YOU but the selfie creator.

It's like talking about your golf game or how good your fantasy teams is doing . NOBODY CARES!
Fidget spinners?  Don't buy stock in them - too late. That craze is over.  Get the Fidget spinner app for your phone. The global trend  is still there but it won't last long.  I mean - how much fun are they really.
Trumps approval rating took a small hit from 3 days ago when it surged to 39.7%. Now it's back down to 39.4% about the same that Nixon had when he resigned.
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art contacted me on purchase the use of this image for an event later this year.

RodMelotte.com - Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
Blade Runner 2049 looks AWESOME - I hope it's good.


Blogging might be problematic in the coming days - just saying.