Friday, June 30, 2017

Gus and weather

One thing we have learned in the last day is if a patient at a hospital says he wants to go home then, even though he needs 24/7 attention and can not physically stand, the hospital will discharge him even before there is any care at home at all.  You have 4 hours to get 24/7 nursing, deal with it.  Here are some names that might help you IN FIVE DAYS.

Multiple family members from around the country  . .  Furious? to say the least. When everything is moving smoothly and the night before everybody was in agreement that no way could the patiant leave the hospital so we were getting nursing homes ready and then we get a call saying the next morning  "We are leasing him in 4 hours"  - CHANGE ALL OF YOUR PLANS. . . . . . . deal with it.

Who cares if he can not even stand on his own and needs 2 people. I guess the people that will have to provide 24/7 care are on their own.

NOT, what I had hoped out of a hospital.
A representative from the USS Indianapolis took a red eye from Seattle to Chicago and then drove up from Chicago to Columbus see Mel.  I explained about the coming storms.  She said they rarely have thunderstorms in Seattle. WELL, she got a good taste Wednesday night.  She texted me from her hotel room.  "IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THIS"?    

BTW - The USS Indianapolis: The Legacy Project is on Amazon Prime. It's the best documentary out there and is winning every award there is for documentary's.  The USS Indianapolis :Men of Courage is pure 100% bull shit fiction and literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  A movie based on a book the director never read.   HBO is still working on their project for the Indy so that is still moving forward.

Their issue is that HBO has to have a book.  There is a screen play which they have approved but there needs to be a book. So there is some world class author writing the book so HBO can use the screen play for a "Pacific" "Band of Brothers" style series.

National Geographic is still moving forward and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is set to start looking again for the Indy.  There will be a special and a magazine devoted to the Indy / / once it's found.  


That tropical storm that blew through Wednesday knocking out power and knocking down more trees?  I'm beginning to think all trees are hollow.

High Wind Speed 54mph
High Rain Rate 8.60 inches per hour
Total rain 1.84 inches?

Speaking of trees - Our Autumn Blaze Maple has pretty much turned res.


So with everything else going on we have a new family member.

Yesterday we had to go pick up Gus and the little dude is awesome. Slept all the way home (hour  and a half) and once home the cats met us at the door so we had a tentative meeting.  It's been weird.

NOT what we were expecting - the plan was to introduce him slowly and let Sophie get her hissing out of the way from a distance.  WELL - everything changed.

Sophie the skittish hissy one is curious and they have actually touched noses.  Zero problem.  Iggy the laid back one is afraid?  Leery? but basically ignoring us.  The cats have disowned us but they  continue to monitor this new ANIMAL in their kingdom.

Gus just wants to be friends . . .when he is awake which is not very often.  The photo on the right seems to be what he does 20 hours a day.

We crated him last night which was not so bad.  11:30, 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30 he needed to go out out and did so with zero problems.  So far so good.  He didn't appreciate the crate but after 5 minutes of protesting he slept like a puppy.

Iggy who is 3 times his size is like a land shark.  Just circling and watching.  Any small noise from Gus and he runs.  LOL
Scaredy cat?

SO - while DJ is spending most of her waking and non-waking time away I am in charge of this little dude.  Pray for me.


Khaled Almilaji an internationally renown Syrian doctor who helped coordinate 1.4 million Syrian children get vaccinated and was studying at Brown University has given up coming back to America and decided Canada was a better place to move too (which is happening a lot with scientists).  The travel ban is making America dumber, the GOP plan.


Monday is golf/brewer game and Wednesday I'm installing a bunch of art work in Waupun in the morning so . . . . hectic and not sure when the next blog will be and who knows what else might come up in the next week.  Gus and I are living for the moment.


The next 4 days there will be a small chance for pop-up thunder storms of the summer variety. Temps will be upper 70s for 4 days and then ramping up to mid 80s for a week.

Have a great weekend