Monday, June 5, 2017

Trying to catch up

Geez - it has been REALLY hectic the last few weeks from many stressful hospital and DR visits which so far have all turned out NOT to be horrific downers to just being really busy and this week is no different.

Weather - a GREAT 6 days coming and turning very warm by  next Sunday/Monday.  But for 6 days highs in the mid 70s and clear for the most part.


I guess a few of you missed me in DeForest Saturday at the art fair.  I'm taking a year off of fairs because  . . well . . .they are a freakish amount of work and the last couple years I we have had to deal with adverse weather and seriously - it's a drag.

So I'm looking for other venues  - anybody know a restaurant looking for images for walls?  Art Fairs are great advertising and a very good money maker but  . . . . a freaking pain in the arse.


Saw something on TV this morning. They were interviewing a group of millennials in their 20s. They are so pumped for the future.  Most said there was no better time then right now to be in their 20s with such a bright future.  Odd - politicians are telling us something different like they are trying to sell doom and gloom.
All we hear out of the GOP is jobs jobs jobs when most agree that America is almost at full employment. Yea - there are numbers out there that suggest an extra 10% have no jobs but that is a pretty constant 10% of people that just are not that "into" working and looking.

But the thing is "jobs" now is different then 30 years ago.

30 years ago manufacturing was big with high paying jobs for "uneducated" people. Now those jobs are gone replaced with service sector jobs that pay just above minimum wage. And if you do go to school now it's 1000% more expensive so it leaves the poor out of the mix as they cannot afford school so they only have low paying service sector jobs.

It's almost like they need to raise minimum wage doesn't it?  And oddly countries and states and towns that have raised the min wage have also seen a burst in in JOBS as more people have money to spend.  

Yea - your restaurant burger my cost a quarter more but it also gives a good paying job to someone that will spend money.

The good news is the Blue Tsunami keeps rolling. There have been 15 legislative special elections since the Trump win and 13 of those have swung far left compared to their last 2 elections.  The Democrats are over performing everywhere.

I'm really not that concerned about the latest brain fart by the con-man President and the environment.  All it did was make the woman groper looks like more of a buffoon (except to his shrinking base).  The environment train is rolling. It was 100% political and only for his base. Nothing more. OH - he did mention how china is building 17 coal factories so why should America do anything. WELL - they also decommissioned 107 coal plants which seemed to not be mentioned by the GOP.

Speaking of jobs - America continued the streak of 80 straight months of job creation, thank you Obama, but there are now some warning signs.

For the first time in about 8 years the last two months have been revised DOWN and the labor force lost 400,000 people in May as baby boomers retire and earnings have level off.

Retailers cut low paying jobs for the 4th month in a row but some are saying that one reason is retailers are finding it hard to find people to work in low paying jobs.  I know 2 companies in Columbus are finding it hard to find low paying job applicants or just keeping low paid employees.

Falling unemployment rate (for the wrong reason) slow job growth, and flat participation rate all show signs that the economy can't get much better and the fed will likely raise interest rates.

No way in hell can the American economy get even close to the 3% growth needed for the GOP "stimulus"  and really . . . there is absolutely no plan for a stimulus except for a bullet point sheet of paper wish-list.  More "magic" by the GOP.

OH OH - did you see a tour of 8th graders were touring the Capitol in Washington when Paul Ryan walked by.  PHOTO OPP . . . except half of the 8th graders refused to have their photo taken with him.  BRAVO!

Seems Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were the main targets for Russian anti-Clinton fake news.  It worked, that and the GOP suppressing the vote.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser, explained to Forbes Magazine shortly after the election how “Kushner’s crew was able to tap into the Republican National Committee’s data machine, and it hired targeting partners like Cambridge Analytica to map voter universes and identify which parts of the Trump platform mattered most. Kushner built a custom geo-location tool that plotted the location density of about 20 voter types over a live Google Maps interface.”

People think that how you vote is a secret?  Not at all my friends. It's all science and every person has a number associated with him or her in the GOP/DNC database. They have been watching you for decades and taking notes. Every phone call from a pollster every person that knocks on your door every Facebook post is data.  They know everything about you.


10 years in the making - sitting in the backyard, drinking beer and looking at the lush foliage


Watched all 3 Brewers games this weekend to prepared myself for the game tonight as we travel to the big city for the game.  Two of the 3 were great games to watch . . . . until the end.  sigh.


6 years after calling comparing Obama to Hitler ESPN is bringing back Hank Williams.


See ya