Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just a fill in. this and that.

I guess it is easier to obstruct then to actually govern. 


Today should be the warmest day of the next 5 but might not be the most uncomfortable. That might be Friday . . but today will be a very very close 2nd.  Expect pop-up thunderstorms the entire week coming to an end Sunday and a beautiful week NEXT week.   Very very muggy starting today as the moist air slowly moves in today.


WHAT, have we gotten ourselves into with A PUPPY - what were we thinking!.   The good news is that yesterday Gus rang the out out bell 4 times and actually went potty. 

The bad news is he is a Tasmanian Devil at times and it's freaking scary.  We consulted a Goldendoodle Facebook group and they all say it's a phase and goes away . . . . OR,  they are just telling us this.


Remember - reps from the DOT will be at city council tonight so you can tell them how to do their job with sidewalk creation.  No really - ask questions and get answers.  It's all good according to the federal Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards.


geez - I can't believe people are SO anti downtown trees. What are they afraid of with 8 small trees. They will be ugly?  A nuance?  It's been done before?  String banners all up and down James Street to make it pretty?  Seriously?  More brown dirty banners?


In 2009, there were $2.5 billion in subprime auto bonds sold. That number is up to 26 BILLION in 2016.  Delinquency on paying auto loans is up 3.82% and 90 day auto loans are up even more. Sound familiar to anyone?

Loose regulations sink ships


Starting to prepare for football season looking at Rotogrinder and other sites but we decided to wait until week 4 or the season to jump in.  So many variables before real numbers start to accumulate.


Check out my hole in one in pretend golf .  189 yards